How can YOU stay safe online?

Strong Passwords

To be safe on social networking sites and all other sites you have login to make sure you have a strong password (not something simple like your name or even your pets names).To be a strong password you need to make it long and very complicated (lots of numbers and even high and low case letters)ferent password for each thing you login to;because if someone knows one password they will effectively know all your passwords.

Secure Wirless Protections and bluetooth

For your wireless box (to go on the internet)and also Bluetooth, you need to make sure you have a password so no-one can access your wireless box or even hack your phone by using Bluetooth.If you don`t have a password people will be able to look at your messages and also your contacts.So if you dont have a password on you bluetooth i would advise you make on now!

Online Shopping

If you are about to buy a product on either Ebay or Amazon you will notice that the web address is something "https..." the "s" means secure.So next time you buy something off any website make sure you check that "https" is at the begginning of the web address.

Online Banking

when signing up for online banking you really need to make sure you have a really strong password (to do that see above paragraph