News from Pier 25

September 25, 2015

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We LOVE S.T.E.M with Mrs. Krutsch

Dear Parents,

To further support our understanding of the Native American cultures, we are going on a field trip on Monday, Oct. 19 to the Prairieview Education Center. Our teammates will gain an understanding and appreciation of natural cycles. After a short hike, we will be walking through an actual Native American wigwam. We will be leaving for this trip promptly at 9:10 am and will return back to school for lunch by 12:30. This trip will be entirely outside, so we are hopeful that this great weather will continue.

For this trip, we would like to invite three parent chaperones. If you are interesting in coming with our team to explore, please let us know as soon as possible with an email. Since we can only have three chaperones, we will take the first three parents that respond.

Have a great weekend,

Kelly Horist

Readers Workshop

This week students learned about protagonist vs. antagonist as we analyzed two two very strong characters in our shared text, The Buffalo Hunt. In this story the author teaches us how people from different cultures often have much to learn from each other. We had some fantastic discussion and debates about these characters. Students then used a graphic organizer to compare and contrast the characters. Using the organizer students wrote their first independent reader’s response. Be sure to ask your reader which character was the protagonist and which character was the antagonist.

WEB Conferences

Next week, we will begin our WEB conferences. These reading conferences will take place on Mondays or Wednesdays. When your child meets with their WEB volunteer they will have the opportunity to share their thinking, but also to build a love of reading. I’d like to extend a special thank you to our WEB volunteers for donating their time!


Old Friends: Our Mathematicians have been very busy reviewing the following skills/concepts: multi-digit addition and subtraction with whole numbers and decimals, using number stories to write open number sentences using variables, as well as reviewing landmarks (mean, median, mode, range). Don’t forget to have your child log-on to Everyday Math Online to play some fun and beneficial games to reinforce concepts learned in class.

New Friends: This week we continued with Chapter 1 - Naming and Constructing Geometric Figures. The geometric figures that we have focused on are polygons and parallelograms. We have also had opportunities to use a compass to construct circles, hexagons and triangles. Looking at next week, we will review this chapter on Monday and Tuesday. Our chapter test will be on Wednesday. There are a lot of concepts and vocabulary in this chapter. Please help your child use their study guides and notes to prepare for the test.


Our scientists had a blast this week exploring pendulums (swingers). Through a fun and hands-on approach students learned the following concepts:

-a variable is anything that you can change in an experiment that might affect the outcome

-In a controlled experiment all variables are controlled except one to determine the effect of that one variable on the outcome.

-The length of a pendulum determines the number of swings in a specific time.

-Graphs can be used to display results, look for experimental errors, and make predictions.

GOT BOX TOPS? If so, please send in by October 16th! THANK YOU!

Upcoming Events

Fri. 10/2: School spirit day

Mon. 10/12: Columbus Day- no school

Mon. 10/19: Field Trip to Prairieview Education Center