BSMS Library News

September 2015

Library at a Glance

The library saw 4119 students during the opening month. This was an average of 250 students a day, WOW! When comparing to last year at the same time, the average per day was slightly higher this year, but the real difference was in circulation. The library signed out 300 more materials this September when compared to last year, same month. The total for September 2014 was 1898, this month; this year saw 1961 books signed out! Circulation of books alone surpassed total circulation for last year during September.

ELA LAB and Projects

The scaffolding of skills necessary for research is working well in this format. All the 6th graders are gaining the knowledge they need to research. After learning a skill, they promptly turn around and practice it independently. Since everyone is learning these skills early on in the year, there is time to help students that need further lessons or practice. Students can apply the skills from ELA Lab into their SS and science classes. It would be a wonderful connection to have all 6th grade teachers, not just English reinforce paraphrasing and documentation within their units. Working with 7th graders this year, there is a clear distinction of ability from students whom received ELA lab last year and those 7th grade students whom did not have this class in their schedule.

Research projects

Most instruction occurring this month centers on parenthetical documentation and preventing plagiarism. There were two health research projects which served as a wonderful reminder of proper research skills for the 7th and 8th grades.

TA Information

Mrs. Mascardi taught 17 whole class lessons. Keep in mind that is 17 classes in ONE MONTH!

In addition to the whole class lessons, during each 6th grade orientation class, Mrs. Mascardi worked with a small group of students teaching them about the organization of biographies. During these direct instruction times, Mrs. Mascardi was not available to sign out books or watch the front desk. During these teaching times, students coming from classes and study hall did not receive additional support while they worked. The library needs another TA, even if it’s a part-time TA.

While the library is a buzz of activity, Rhonda has been busy learning the ins and outs of this multi-faceted operation. There are many levels and a plethora of tasks one must learn. She is embracing everything with a smile and asking questions when needed. When Mrs. Mascardi wasn’t teaching, she was readily available to assist countless students. These students were able to receive additional instruction whereas students (regular ed. or special ed.) coming in while Mrs. Mascardi is teaching, receive no additional support.

Out with the old and in with the new!

Other News

Author visit

Trying to get Steve Sheinkin to come to our school this year as his books tie in with SS curriculum. Is there a way SS department could help sponsor this author? I have sent a request to PTA for possible grant money and am trying to find another grant. It would be shame to let this author slip through our fingers when he is only charging $1000 for a three hour session and lunch with book signings. I'd love to get him for two days so both 7th and 8th grade could have this experience, but that would be $2000. No additional money is needed, cheaper than Bachorz was last year. We need to decide this fast as his schedule fills up quickly! I was thinking a date in May.


I have been asked and will have the honor of being on a panel for the ACC symposium on October 23rd centering on the topic of Libraries’ Role, Collaboration and Student Gains.


I am going to be published in Library Media Connection and I have been asked to write a second article for another issue this school year. WAHOO! Not sure what month it will be featured, but will share with you once I know.