B-R Preschool


A Peek Into Our Day!

We have spent the week reviewing shapes, colors and talking about apples.
We tried red, green and yellow apples. Nathan, Kloe, and Brynli C. like red apples. Anabelle and Cason liked the yellow apples. Mason, Brinnley S. and Jovi liked the green apples the best. We also tried painting with apple slices and making apples using red shapes.

Photo: Today was Library Day. They were listening to Miss Lesa talk about the rain last night. She read Chick n Pug and 2 stories about rain and mud puddles.

Next Week:

We are learning the color green and the shape circle.
This Tuesday please have your child wear something green or bring something green from home.

Save the Date:

Field trip to Harvest Moon is scheduled for Friday, October 28
Rain Date: Monday, Oct. 31

Photo: Jovi and Cason in the block center.