Wax worm Moths


Life Cycle

First they are a egg for about 2 weeks. Then they become a larva for 4 to 5 weeks. After that they form a pupa for 1/2 weeks. Then they become a moth. Wax worm adults don't live very long. When they are babies they eat a lot to get strong. They come out of the egg slowly.


Moths use camouflage to blend in so they don't get caught. Some moths have eye spots
on there wings. They also duck and land on a tree. A lot of moths get caught by bats at night time. Moths can sense when enemy's are coming.


The moth has three body parts, the head, thorax, and abdomen. On the head the moth has two fuzzy antennas. The thorax holds the moth wings. The abdomen holds six legs but some are false legs.

Interesting Facts

Moths are nocturnal. Moths worst enemy is the bat. Moths eat oatmeal. Moths will eat cloths. Moth may eat anything.


Moths live every where but oceans. Moths can live in desserts, forests and land. In the forests they always live on the trees. Moths usually don't go on the ground, it is not safe.
Moths don't live on the water because there wings can't get wet.