Will you save an animals life?

Animal abuse

  1. What is animal abuse?

  2. How to stop animal abuse?

  3. how many animals are abused each year?

  4. Who or what is affected by animal abuse?

  5. Is animal abuse considered a crime and is there any punishment?

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Animal abuse is a problem we have been dealing with for a long time and it needs to stop. We need to take action and stop animal abuse, because there are so many poor animals in the world today being tortured and even killed. There are so many animals being hurt in fact ¨Every 10 seconds an animal is abused¨. So that means every minute six animals are abused, and that means more than 3153600 animals are abused every year. Some ways to prevent all of these abuse cases are first of all SPEAK UP! ¨If you see animal abuse in action, say something. If you are afraid of getting involved directly, or think the situation is potentially dangerous, call 911¨. You could save an innocent animals life just by picking up the phone and calling someone just like you do everyday. says Another way to stop this torturous act is to teach your kids how to treat animals so they can pass that knowledge down. And if you really want to help donate to your local animal shelter even 5 dollars could help buy a bag of food. Remember this really is a crime you can go to jail for animal abuse so try to prevent it and do the right thing. Helping save one animal is just one step in the right direction to helping a whole lot of animals!


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