Pink Posharita Update

Week of Sunday January 10th - Saturday January 16th


I am so excited for what is going to happen for our team in 2016! I can't wait to see what you all do with your Posh business this year! A new year means new opportunities! Let's start off strong by rocking January- make it your goal to at least get qualified!

TEAM/COMPANY GOAL $20,000 / $14, 442
NEW MEMBER GOAL 15 / 10 to go!


Please take the time to fill out this google form- you can even do it from your cell phone! I'd love to hear about your plans for 2016!

  • The consultant who achieves their January goal will receive a super cute Coach wristlet. If more than one consultant achieves their January goal- I will randomly draw a winner from those eligible.
  • There will also be a random winner from everyone who takes the time to fill out the "Goals" google form- that person will win an exclusive or retired Posh product!


Youtube Video Links!

Here's the HOME OFFICE Tuesday Training link from last Tuesday 1/5.

Here's the TEAM Tuesday Training link from last Tuesday 1/5 by Angie!


Transition Kits are designed to help you kick off your business with a variety of new products and tools. This is the first time, ever Posh has done a transition kit this way- you will NOT pick up your transition kit at Day Away.

**Transition kits go on sale January 22 at 9am PST, 10am MTN, 11am CST, 12pm EST to ALL consultants.**

There will be 2 different kinds of transition kits available to purchase: Consultant Season Introduction Kit & Leader's Launch Transition Kit. Each CONSULTANT may buy up to one of each Transition Kits (starting Jan. 22, while supplies last - be watching for more details).

The CONSULTANT Kit contains items NOT contained in the Leader’s Kit:

Six new Spring / Summer products including
3 things you’re going to be ECSTATIC to see in the catalog
Fabulous summer goodness

PLUS a bundle of the beautiful new Posh Papers
2 bundles of samples
Opportunity flyers (new and improved!)
About Flyers

This kit costs $75, and it gives you 75 PV and Perks
$117 retail value
Applicable tax and shipping not included.

The Leader’s Kit, also available same day features:

14 New Spring/Summer Products (not duplicated from the Consultant kit)
3 Sample Bundles
2 Bundles of Posh Papers
Opp Flyers
About Flyers
Polka Dotted Guide, SS16

This kit costs $225 and gives you 225 PV plus Perks
$317 Retail Value
Applicable tax and shipping not included.

Each Consultant can buy up to one of each kit. Not available for Customers.
These kits are LIMITED! First come, first serve.

Kits ordered before end of day on Feb. 4 will ship on Feb. 5th.

**You will receive PV on your purchase immediately for the purchase price

**You will EARN perks points for your transition kit purchase.

**You will NOT be able to purchase a transition kit with perks points.

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Big image
Remember to redeem your code for the free scarf and gloves set if you earned it in December - you must do this before January 12th at 11:59 PM!


Posh's catalog changes twice a February and in July/August. We never know in advance what is staying and what is going until the launch is live, but we typically get 50+ new products, and we typically say goodbye to as many as we get. Everyone starts looking for hints beforehand...what is being given away in contests, what is randomly going on sale, what use cards and stickers go on sale in the Portal. Sometimes these things are indicators, sometimes they're not. Sometimes things just get a package change, so they count as new/discontinued items, but that isn't entirely accurate.

Some products MAY sell out BEFORE the catalog change. Last catalog change is really the only time I remember dealing with this. They will NOT give us a heads up about which products are almost gone. The only thing that would do is cause nutty consultants to rush to stock up and guarantee that the products would immediately sell out. At this point, we have not been notified that any products are on deathwatch.

The catalog goes live during Posh Night...which will be a big deal on social media. There will be contests, lots of posts by Posh, etc. Posh Night happens at Premiercon (used to be Leadership in the spring and Uncon in the fall but now it will just be at Premiercons).

The site will be DOWN all day on Friday, Feb 5th and will go live when the new catalog goes live.

Expect some policy changes. When the catalog changes, there also are changes made to other things. At the last catalog change, we got Perks, we got a new shipping policy, etc. It's not JUST products that may be changing here!

CLOSE YOUR PARTIES. This is a big one. In addition to discontinued and new products, there could be some price changes. Nothing worse than having a product go UP in price and have to pay the difference for a customer who has already purchased it in a party.

Also, sometimes things drastically when they introduced Posh Perks and got rid of the old hostess reward system. It occurred at the same time as the catalog launch and they were VERY clear that any open parties would be lost in the transition.

Expect *seasonal* things to go. With the last catalog change, Ann made a very clear divide between Spring/Summer products and Fall/Winter products. Just like all the lime/citrus/beachy products went away at the last catalog change, you can probably expect things like pistachio, marshmallow, etc to go.

If you love something and can't live without it, stock up. There are certain products that we expect to never go, but in reality, nothing is safe. And when the new catalog goes live, discontinued items go right to closeout (though at the same price for awhile) and some of them go FAST.

Keep an open mind. It's okay to mourn your favorite products. BUT, it's important to remember that Ann is a genius and she hasn't steered us wrong yet. If things sell REALLY well....they don't go anywhere. If things don't sell well, they will replace it with something they hope will.

As always, the team page is a positive place to be. There may be some big changes. Change is scary. But it's also exciting. So we will be positive and do our best to embrace any changes and help each other do so. Of course, you can ask questions, but let's stay positive even if a favorite of ours is leaving.

I have been with the company for 2 catalog changes. It's always exciting- even when favorites leave because we are always getting something even more incredible! It's important in this industry to stay on trend. Our products and policies honestly just keep getting better and better, and I am so excited to see what's in store!


Pink Posharitas are all Perfectly Posh consultants that are downline of Maddie Jaime, Premier Perfectly Posh Consultant.