Knowledge Management Updates

22 March 2016 KMR Meeting

Suspense: 31 March Data Call

Reminder that all labs have the 31 March data call for projects v. wiki pages. Nicole and Bryan discussed capability vs. project vs. service. This is the baseline--so for now we can use broad topics for capabilities and dive deeper in the future.

Definitions of Product/Service/Capabilities:

A product is a hardware item, software, or process that a customer can acquire and implement directly. The key distinguisher between a product and a capability/service is that the customer can acquire or access the former directly, with little or minimal technical assistance from ERDC. If you can’t provide a distribution source for the technology, it probably isn’t a product. If a distribution source will be available but not until sometime in the future, chances are the topic is ongoing research.

Some products may be commercially available, others distributed through ERDC websites, some may even be the website itself when the concept and operation was developed by ERDC, such as the NRM Gateway.

A capability or service is technology support provided to a customer, usually on a reimbursable basis. A capability could include providing a customer with access to unique expertise of ERDC personnel or access to ERDC facilities to conduct research, experiments, or tests to solve customer problems. It could mean experts apply a product (the supporting technology) to solve a problem on behalf of the customer.

A service could include the customized application of an ERDC developed technology and the implementation of that customized technology solution for a particular customer.

News Reel: KMRs are the boots on the ground for communication

Nicole asked about now to get information to the public website. Each KMR should be connected to a PAO representative and be the "boots on the ground" for information. We need to be using KM material in more than one way. For example, use wiki pages information for fact sheets. Bryan Armbrust is the POC for the public website.

Bryan also said that PAO could be used to put out press releases for publications. So if you know about your people publishing in magazines, etc. contact Bryan to help spread the word. Again, reusing our KM material.

"Did You Know?" was an idea pitched by Bryan about publicizing any new "toys" that your lab has purchased, such as strategic purchases or any other "new toy" that others may want to use or know about. This is another great way for us to share our knowledge. So if your lab has any new toys, please send that information to Bryan. As a KMR, ask your MIO chief if there have been new purchases that maybe beneficial to your lab and to the ERDC.

Digital Signage Coming Soon!

Cisco is ready to conduct training on digital signage and we need to involve the KMRs in the training since they will be lab POCs for content at the lab level. We're looking at April for training (week of 11th if possible). We'll have to handle training remotely for those who aren't in Vicksburg.

DTIC Training Available for KMRs

DTIC is a free and robust way to collaborate. If you are interested to join the training in April go to DoDTechSpace <>

KM Tools Available from ITL

Nicole asked about possible KM tools ITL is currently using (like Slack). Shelley will contact ITL and ask for their list of KM tools that they use with projects.

KM Websites: Feedback Needed

Please review the NASA and Fed Labs website and give feedback to Shelley/Clare about what you like and don't like about these KM sites. We need a place on DiscoverERDC/Intranet that shows our KM presence across the ERDC.
In attendance: Molly McManus, Richard Detsch, John Weatherly, Lorraine Smithhart, Elon Zeigler, Bryan Armbrust, Nicole Bauer, Audrey Albritton, Clare Huntley, and Shelley Tingle