Located under the mid-Atlantic sea.

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Where we came from

We came from the surface and dove into the sea to explore the depths. We still maintain a government and a market economy so the people still have their freedoms which they so desperately need. We have a Democracy so we all vote on who goes into office.

Population and Language

Many people wanted to join our exploration, an estimated 893,421 people joined. All from different countries and ethnics but the main language is English.
"Bioshock" Soundtrack - Welcome to Rapture by Garry Schyman

Claim to fame & National Animal

Our "Claim to fame" was when we discovered a new type of sea animal to which our scientist have named "ADAM". It is also out National Animal, the slug contains a goo that can rewrite genetic material.
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Trading Partners & Place in U.N.

We trade with everyone in the world, though we only come up to the surface whenever we need to resupply. We have a representative in the U.N. that keeps them updated on what we discover and that we are funded to continue our exploration.


1. Do not steal supply's

2. Do not kill one another

3. Do not disturb divers while they are working

4. Do not go into the laboratory unless you are a scientist working there

5. Do not rob stores

6. Do not steal ADAM

7. Guns can only be used in self defense, having one out in public will get you arrested

8. Do not open the flood doors without proper authorization

9. Do not steal company property

10. Do not hit the windows

Current Events

1. The U.N. is threatening to cut the funding if we don't make another scientific discovery.

2. Germany attempted to invade Rapture but failed due to the support of America and Europe.

3. A civil war might break out with 2 factions in rapture. Ryan and Atlas.