Computing Team Newsletter

Everything that's happened so far

September to December Edition

Welcome all to the first edition of your news. We have had a busy few months and now that the Christmas holiday is gaining speed towards us we thought it would be a good idea to let you all know how well things have went and all of the good things that have happened so far.

Come hangout with the teaching team

Everyone is available to be contacted via Google Hangouts, as long as you have signed in with your college Google account. These interactions are above and beyond any other team in any other college you will find. Your teaching team are leading the way in emerging technologies to deliver learning and make contact with you. Please make use of hangouts to contact the teaching team when you are not in the same location. Some of the team use Google Hangouts to communicate information a lot. Make sure you have Google Hangouts on your own devices (mobile phone, tablet, laptop etc) so when the teaching team contact you - the message get's to you quickly.

Where the teaching team hangout

All of the teaching team can be found in room 1.031, where we base our staff room. We will not always be there but when we are not teaching most of us can be found there up to 5pm.


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Student rep gets stuck in!

Tom Courtman-Stock the class rep for year 2 Software Engineering came a cropper recently when he decided to see if he could fit his right arm into a desk cable tidy hole. The desk won and Tom was stuck there for a little while. Now that Tom has freed himself (and decided against doing something like that again) he wants you all to know that he will be canvassing in the college for the opportunity to take on the current Student President post next year and represent every student within the college.

Let's hope he gets stuck with the job next year.

Enrichment Trip: The Hobbit @ The Metro Centre

Thursday, Dec. 18th, 8:30am

Metro Centre, Gateshead, United Kingdom

The trip to the cinema is open to all learners with 90% or more attendance (if lower you can ask you course leader Matty or Jay if you are allowed to attend), with a small fee paid for the bus. It is a discounted trip so the deal is very fair. The noticeboards outside room 1.120 have details including the reference code to quote. All payments are taken at reception.

First Enrichment Trip (Sep 2014)

We all went to some crazy warehouse-looking place and ice skated without ice, went bowling, and digitally killed each other in laser tag. Jay fell on the 'ice' and rattled his posterior badly, Matty learned how to skate, and Kathy went kill crazy with the laser guns.

Apprenticeship Secured

Nathan Cockerill who was studying the Level 3 Extended Diploma in IT (Software Engineering) left as of 1st December 2014 to start his newly won apprenticeship. Well done to Nathan, who is working, earning money and learning on the job. Nathan's apprenticeship is building and maintaining websites with the company Better.

Look out for the next newsletter and see who else becomes an apprentice. Remember to keep reading the Google community for new apprentice opportunities. Other apprentices who secured posts in the first three months are Chris Peel, Jordan Armstrong, Amaan Ayoub and Jake Conway. Liam Mullen who was a Level 2 apprentice remains with his company and is now a Level 3 apprentice.

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Quote from Nathan "Hi Matty, the apprenticeships going very well thanks. I already now know how to code in PHP and how to make more complex websites."
Middlesbrough College Promotion Film

Our team achievements

Thanks to you we have the most student surveys completed in the entire college!

Thanks to you we have the highest attendance in the entire college!

Your teaching team all passed a college wide test on technology and learning.

We are the only team in college piloting the use of Google for assessment and learning.

We have had another very successful quality inspection from the School of Computing @ Teesside University. They were so impressed they asked us to share some of our good practices.

Great new seating for the team!

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An early Christmas present of comfortable seating. You will find throughout the college new seating has been installed including the one pictured above. Your seating is just outside room 1.120. I was pleased to see that the seating had been installed over a weekend and is now in well use.

Winter sky on Dock Street [8am 09/12/14]

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"This picture had to be taken. The sky was very purple, pink and yellow and I have never seen it like this ever. The image was snapped by a Nexus 7 which the programmers in the team will use to test out Android apps over the next few months." - Matty

Hax happening

Click the link below to see a 'hax' on 09/12/14 on the street.

No Smoking

Just a festive reminder that smoking of any kind (even e-cig) is not allowed within the college. Puff on cigs outside...
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