William Rowan Hamilton

by: Miranda Birdwell

Birth and Death

Mister Hamilton was born on August 4, 1802.

On September 2, 1865, at 63 years old, his death came.


He went to Trinity College and Westminster school.

Major Contribution to Physics

He developed the theory of dynamics.

Mr. Hamilton developed the elegant theory of dynamics. In his theory, one can easy obtain the solutions of the equations of motion of the system. To encase his work, Hamilton wrote one of his famous papers “On a General Method in Dynamics”. This paper was published in 1834. Later on, his theory was greater refined by Carl Jacobi. Dynamics theory is significantly found in celestial mechanics and quantum mechanics. Dynamics has expanded, there is aerodynamics and hydrodynamics. One why you can see the major effect of dynamics on the world is airplanes.