Mrs. Bryer's Newsletter

April 8, 2013

Scholastic Book Fair

Monday starts the spring book fair. Please feel free to come for lunch to shop with your child. Your child can shop as soon as they finish eating. We have recess shortly after lunch so take your time. Just make sure you let the lunch aide know you are taking them to the book fair and you return them to me.

There is a family sing along Tuesday, April 9th at 6:00. Make a night of it and have dinner and shop with the family. Potato Shack is the restaurant of choice.

I do not have any books on my wish list this time. If you would like to donate a book to Ms. Russell's going away bag it would be appreciated. She will be certified elementary but unsure of a grade. Some great choices would be holiday books or nonfiction books. I encourage you to have your child write a note on the inside cover to share with Ms. Russell something that they have enjoyed while she has been with us. Her last day will be Tuesday, April 16th. We will have a simple thank you celebration with a special snack that afternoon.


Please be patient with me these next 7 weeks. I am learning what it is to be a single parent with 3 kids! My husband has taken a job out of town. The kids and I will finish the school year and then join him in June. I am telling you this not for pitty but because my communications have already dropped to a minimum. If you do not hear back from me please resend the email or write in the folder. I will get back with you. I promise that we are still moving and grooving in the classroom. I will spend my energy here at school with my school family kiddos and at home with my personal kiddos. With two boys on three baseball teams we will be one the ball fields nightly.

Please do not tell your children I am leaving. I will do this in a class meeting the week before school is out. There is no need for them to know at this point.

If you would like to conference we will need to schedule those for during CAMP (10:30-11:15) or directly after school at 3:15.


We are out of class snack! We had only two families sign up for April snacks and our surplus is gone. Any snacks would be appreciated. Some favorites are goldfish, animal crackers, pretzels, and dry cereals.

Author's Present!

Our class visited with Mrs. Hawkin's class Friday to share our published books. They were so excited and proud of their work. What an awesome validation for their efforts! Ask them about their trip. The first graders had nothing but encouraging words about their writing, illustrating, and reading. They were very impressed!

Ants, Ants, and Less Ants!

Your child may have mentioned that we have ants in the classroom. We have an ant farm that is thriving, now that we gave them Apple Jacks. With the Ladybug I am able to project the entire ant farm onto the smartboard so they can see the tunnels and rooms being formed. They are really enjoying the developments.

The children are also working on an Ant project that will come home late next week. They are learning about the characteristics of insects as well as specific ant facts.


We finished up our plant unit on Monday. The children each brought home a small container with plants growing. The large plant is a pumpkin. The seeds were collected in the fall when we carved. To help them see the cycle in completion help them plant their pumpkin in the garden or a large, wide container. I encouraged them to send me a picture of their first pumpkin!

Also in the pot are other various flowers. Each student was able to choose an additional flower. There are some zenias, daisys, and sunflowers. They are slower to develop than the pumpkins but are good backup if the pumpkin plant did not survive the travel home.

Summer Birthdays

If your child has a summer birthday and they did not celebrate it on their half birthday, please feel free to plan a celebration in May. We have a LOT of summer birthdays so please let me know when you would like to send in a treat so that we do not double book an afternoon. I'd like each child to have their own day if possible.