Weekly Geekly

Vol. 2 September 2-6, 2013

Be. More. Dog.

O2 - Be more dog & the theory behind it

What's Important This Week

This week VMS teachers are enrolling students in their Moodle courses! 6th grade is today, 7th grade is tomorrow (Wednesday) and 8th grade is Thursday. We will do all electives on Friday. I will deliver a few iPads to your rooms in the morning for this purpose. Please return the iPads to the library closet when you are finished.

Are you frustrated by the threading of conversations in the new Webmail? Click Here to learn how to turn them off!

Did you know? Pictures don't work in webmail signatures! If you have a picture in your signature in webmail, you might want to remove it. Otherwise it comes through like a box with a question mark!

App of the Week- Socrative

Socrative is a FREE app that turns any app based mobile device into a clicker system! You can use it to poll the class, or you can set up an activity ahead of time. You can even make it fun by creating a space race, where teams compete to answer questions correctly the fastest.

You can even use quizzes that have already been created! Click HERE for a searchable spreadsheet.

Is this app available on school devices? Yes, this app is available on all ipods and ipads at both the CTE center and at VMS.

Is there an Android version? YES! This is on android too, making it a great tool for BYOD! Students on a laptop or non-app enabled device can visit m.socrative.com in a browser to access the same content.


Have the students keep their devices on their desk in one corner during class- even if you are not allowing them to use the devices that day. It is much harder to text on the sly when the device is right there out in the open! This will also remind you that the students have these devices with them (allowing inspiration to strike during class) and it allows you to quickly take note of how many students are bringing a device to class on a regular basis.

I SPY...

Robert Martin at the CTE Center is making the most of his Moodle! I glanced at his Moodle class for "Correctional Services" (yes, middle school friends, that's a class!) and I saw him using a glossary in each unit as well as forums, choices, assignments, quizzes and lessons! Moodle can be SO much more than a place to house documents and tutorial time. Way to go Mr. Martin!

Are you doing something cool with technology in your class? I want to know! Email me and you could be profiled in a Weekly Geekly!