Visit Indian Island

It is the place to be!

Indian Island is located off the Devonshire coast of England

This island consists of clear blue water, and plenty of luscious greenery. This is the perfect place for relaxation whether it be for the elderly or a family. We guarantee you a peaceful stay with tons of adventure. While here, you can explore the many miles of coastline and you can even take many boat rides along the island.

Activities to do here include:

"How big the sea was! From here there was no land to be seen anywhere-just a vast expanse of blue water rippling in the evening sun." (pg.32)

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Our reviews are always great!

"I was expecting Indian Island to be mysterious and very isolated. However, it was the complete opposite. The people there were so friendly and welcoming and the food was wonderful. We had boats come every morning that delivered us different types of things. My family and I had everything that we needed and more. I would definitely visit this island again. I recommend this vacation spot for all." -John Smith


Aleksandra Krajewski

December 3, 2014

Period 2