Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt

Hannah Fisher and Alyssa Gaud

Opening Information

Vice President: Charles Warren Fairbanks (1905-1909)

Political Party: Republican

Presidential Number: 26

Years of Presidency: 1901-1909

Background Information

  • Vice President for William McKinley
  • Became youngest president at age 42
  • First president to win Nobel Peace Prize for his work with the Treaty of Portsmouth
  • Father worked for Abraham Lincoln in support of the Union during Civil War
  • Niece was Eleanor Roosevelt first lady to Franklin D. Roosevelt


1. Military experience: part of the Rough Riders during the Spanish-American war and is known as a "war hero."

2. Governor of New York

3. Assistant Secretary of the Navy

4. Civil Service Commissioner

5. President of New York City Police Board

6. United States Vice President


  1. Vice President Theodore Roosevelt takes office in 1901 after president William McKinley was assassinated. This made Theodore Roosevelt the youngest president of the us coming into office at 42.

  2. The Russo-Japanese war was ended when president Roosevelt stepped in and became the mediator in the situation. The Treaty of Portsmouth was signed in 1905 and peace was made between the two countries.

  3. During Theodore Roosevelt’s presidency one of the worst natural disasters hit the state of California. At 5:12am on April 18th there was a rupture at San Andreas Fault which resulted in an earthquake felt from Southern Oregon to Central Nevada. There was fire as result of this and is still known as “The Great 1906 San Francisco Earthquake.”

  4. The Immigration Act of 1907 restricts Japanese Immigration to the United States. Caused a huge amount of controversy during Roosevelt’s presidency.

  5. In 1908 the first “Universal Car” was introduced. On october 1, 1908 the first Model-T was completed in Detroit. This car went at a top speed of 45mph and was the first affordable and mass produced car. They were sold for around $850 which is around $18,000 today.
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Would you have voted for him?

Yes we would have voted for him. He had many qualifications that made him a great President. He also had many struggles when he was a child and knew what it was like to relate to other people. He had many big events happen when he was in office. He handled these events really well, making him an even better president. We would vote for him because he made a big impact on this country and had the support of many people.