Isaac Newton's 3Laws of Motion

Alondra Rodriguez Lozoya

Sir Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton was one of the greatest scientists and mathematician that had ever lived. To begin, Isaac Newton was born on December 25 1643, the same year Galileo died. Isaac Newton died in 1727. Next, He was in collage when he started to get interested in math, physics, and astronomy.

Isaac Newton's First Law of Motion

Isaac Newton had 3 laws of motion, his first one was called "the law of inertia."To start with, an object at rest will remain at rest unless it's acted on by an unbalance force. Second,an object in motion will continue in the same direction unless it is acted upon by an unbalance force.

Isaac Newton's Second Law of Motion

Isaac Newton had 3 law of motion,his second one was about Accelerations.First, Acceleration is produced when a force acts on mass. Second, the greater the mass [of the object being accelerated] the greater the amount of force needed [ to accelerate the object.]

Isaac Newton's Third Law of Motion

Isaac Newton had 3 laws of motion, his third law was about action.For every action there is an equal and opposite re-action. For example, the rocket's action is to push down on the ground with the force of it's powerful engines, and the re-action is that the ground pushes the rocket upward with an equal force.In conclusion, Isaac Newton made 3 laws of motion and we still use them from 400 years ago.
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