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Shannon's Younique Newsletter

I LOVE my Lash Business

Just wanted to share that I am a Younique presenter and it has given me the ability to have the confidence in myself, confidence in my business and confidence that my dreams aren't silly!

I haven't shared my Younique business (that I have been doing almost a year) until the end of this month because I have been afraid to fall and fail... but I am excited and confident I can make this work! I moved past my fear and shared and so many great things have happened in my business.

I know I can do this and I am really looking forward to what the future holds.

Don't forget to visit my website:

Cruising for Cozumel

The 2016 Incentive Trip is a Mexico Cruise!

I AM GOING TO BE ON THAT CRUISE! It is my goal and dream to earn this cruise and after seeing how I can earn it I know I can get those 25,000 points to get the cruise for me and a plus-one (sorry my plus-one is already spoken for lol)

I earn 1 point for every personal sale I have. I can also earn points from Paid-As status points. That means when I work up the leader plan I can get points too! Im looking for others that would love to do what I do and even earn a free cruise! If you know of someone I would love it if you referred me to your friend.

Im so excited since the points don't officially start until February but I have already earned 389 points!

Thank You

Thank you to ALL my amazing customers in January!

Thank you to my Hostess Amanda Fricke. She held an online Facebook party and received $48 in FREE Y-cash to spend on anything she chooses and 2 half off items (that can even include sets)! I can't wait to see what she picks out.

Let me know if you want to be like Amanda and earn free Younique goodies too!

Thank you to Roberta Gallagher, Beth Rohal, Loryn Lipstreu, Sydney Veon, Katie Walsh, Stacey Heitkamp, Rachel Tharp and her neighbor Sybal who all placed orders with me this month. Thank you for your support and helping me take a step towards my goal of earning the cruise to Cozumel!