Poisoning Emergencies

By: Matthew Limyadi

How poison enters the body

There are four ways poison enters the body. Poison enters the body through Inhalation, Absorbing, Ingested and Injected.

Poison enters through the body through inhalation by breathing in poisonous gases like carbon monoxide.

Poison can be absorbed by going through the skin such as touching poison ivy.

Poison can be ingested by swallowing things such as mushrooms drugs or something you are allergic to.

Poison can be injected through needles, stings, and poisonous fangs.

First aid steps and care

  1. Ensure the area is safe and secure.
  2. Check to see if the victim is conscious and breathing
  3. find out what poisoned him and what is the poison
  4. call national poison center
  5. follow directions and do not give the victim anything to drink or eat unless told to do so
  6. keep victim calm
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