It's HEATING UP folks!!

It's that's April and CRAZY things are created in April!! We have momentum leading into GTC, new products being launched, and energy that will come back from Vegas that will be felt by all!

Are you READY to take your business to the next level, because it's TIME!!! Commit to learning this system, doing the do, staying focused on your WHY and serving others and you will see success.

I just finished this incredible booked called "The Go-Giver". Guys, this book is unbelievable!! I was challenged to serve more than I ever have because it's what we are called to do. It talks about the 5 Laws of Success and the perspective this author provides is life changing. Not just in Arbonne but in EVERYTHING!!

Check out the recognition below....I'm leaving up my vision in the picture below because it is happening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2016....I see THIS!!! Go ahead...pick out yours!!

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Recognition Effective April 1st


Congratulations on your promotion or qualification!


Jacque Timple promoted by ENVP Mary Wright

Inches from $100K Club!!

RVP Amanda Thayer

½ Way to Nation

ERVP Sara Murray


Kelli Trent in Amanda Thayer’s Region

Laura Ferguson in Haley Ducan’s Region (WRIGHT NATION!!)

½ Way to Region

JoJo deBeaubien (CO) in Amanda Thayer’s Region

Shannon Hare (FL) in Amanda Thayer’s Region

Lindsay Bauerle (TX) in Samantha Hale’s Region

*New* Area Managers

Erin Zanotti in Tarrah Brandsma’s Area

Jeanie Boymel (CO) in Arlene Burgess’ Area

Area Manager in Qualification

Kyla Jones in Raven Astrom’s Area

Melanie Eastridge in Sabine Bezdek’s Area (CO)

*New* District Managers (8% Payraise)

Aileen Gahagan in Kelli Trent's District (CA)

Rebecca Jones in Sam Knight's District (CO)

Aspen Fry in Courtney Bauer’s District (KS)

Tiffany Curtice in Tiffany Weaver’s District (CO)

Suzi Pham in Arlene Burgess’ District (CO)

Heather Knapp in Shanna Nickel’s District (CO)

Kendra Weiss in Lauren Powell’s District (CO)

Michelle Cisneros in Melanie Eastridge’s District (CO)

Michelle Conway in Kirsten Scotts District (WA)

Sunshine Williams in Kelly Brgoch’s District (CO)

Melissa Wood in Katie Ganderton’s District (CO)

District Managers in Qualification

Michelle Potvin in Jennifer Schiltz’s District (CO)

Rachel Ostreko in Tarrah Brandsma’s District (CO)

Janelle Doud in Tarrah Brandsma’s District (CO)

Rachel Price in Kyla Jones’ District (CO)

Homer Atanacio in Raven Astrom’s District (CO)

Becky Simonds in Raven Astrom’s District (CO)

Erica Reidlin in Caroline Kirkwood’s District (CO)

Sarah Kong in Ali Watkins’ District (TX)

Leslie Nael in Erin Zanotti’s District (OK)

Shawna Killen in Kelli Trent's District (CO)

Megan Stoudt in Kelli Trent's District (CA)

Deby Mittlebrun in Kelli Trent's District (CA)

Christine Moore in Kelli Trent's District (CA)

Dana Gilmore in Kelli Trent's District (VA)

Leslie Morris in Kelli Trent's District (AZ)

Kat Childress in Sam Knight's District (CO)

Jessica Felts in Sam Knight's District (CO)

Leann Reckker in Sam Knight's District (AK)

Jennifer Fry in Jennie Carmichael's District (TX)

Katie Patee in Courtney Bauer’s District (KS)

Charlene Schlickau in Courtney Bauer’s District (KS)

Brenda Carlson in Amy Beal's District (KS)

Kaitlyn Bressie in Courtney Bauer’s District (KS)

Deborah Moscosco in Jessica Devine's District (FL)

Myrna Aviles in Jessica Devine's District (FL)

Lori Nguyen in Amanda Thayer's District (CO)

Amy Hall in Amanda Thayer's District (TX)

Melissa Rodriguez in Tiffany Weaver’s District (CO)

Elizabeth Kirkwood in Andrea Beard’s District (CO)

Michelle New in Patricia Brotherson’s District (CO)

Dawn Cash in Shanna Nickel’s District (CO)

Terri Bolen in Lauren Powell’s District (CO)

Katie Vinther in Melanie Eastridge’s District (CO)

Jessica Bennett in Melanie Eastridge’s District (CO)

Julie Rasmussen in Arlene Burgess’ District (CO)

Rebecca Vanderhage in Brianna Widen’s District (WA)

Melissa Sturgeon in Heather Dahlgrens District (WA)

Renee Demianew (da-me-a-new) in Geneva Farr’s District (CO)

Tara Edwards in Kari Triplett’s District (CO)

Rocio Borjas in Katie Ganderton’s District (CO)

Christy Dupree in Katie Ganderton’s District (CO)

Francie Kinney in Katie Ganderton’s District (CO)

Jamie Davis in Natasha Gonzalez’s District (CO)

Garett Irons in Natasha Gonzalez’s District (CO)

Rebecca Dolezal in Natasha Gonzalez’s District (CO)

Bailey Garrido in Erin Geiger’s District (TX)

Jana Joy in Lindsay Bauerle’s District (TX)

Brittany Flournoy in Lindsay Bauerle’s District (TX)

Charity Dickehut in Lindsay Bauerle’s District (TX)

Chasney Boyd in Megan Roegelin’s District (TX)

Cindy O’Connell in Megan Roegelin’s District (TX)

Amber Chardavoyne in Stacy Sheehan’s District

Sarah McCuish in Krista Sabec’s District

DM Bonus Earners

(Extra $200 on top of your paycheck!)

Erin Zanotti

Tarrah Brandsma

Raven Astrom

Kyla Jones

Jennie Carmichael (first month as a DM!)

Kelli Trent

Sam Knight

Jojo deBeaubien

Amanda Thayer

Courtney Bauer

Tiffany Weaver

Arlene Burgess

Shanna Nickel

Melanie Eastridge

Brianna Widen

Heather Dahlgren

Katie Ganderton

Kelly Brgoch

Lindsay Bauerle

Megan Roeglein

Kelli Helzer

AM Bonus Earners

(Extra $400 on top of your paycheck!)

Tarrah Brandsma

Raven Astrom

Kelli Trent

Arlene Burgess

Kelly Brgoch

Lindsay Bauerle

RVP Bonus Earners

(Extra $600 on top of your paycheck!)

Amanda Thayer

Tarrah Brandsma

TRIFECTA Bonus Earners

Tarrah Brandsma

Sales & Sponsoring Superstars!!

Top Region Sales ($)

Thayer Region - $94,662

Brandsma Region - $84,668

Top Region Sponsoring (# of NEW $150 PCs/Cons)

Thayer Region - 91

Brandsma Region - 82

Top Area Sales ($)

Kelli Trent - $36,719

Tarrah Brandsma - $33,681

Kelly Brgoch - $33,665

Arlene Burgess - $26,750

Lindsay Bauerle - $20,105

Raven Astrom - $17,321

Katie Ganderton - $16,761

Brianna Widen - $16,487

Sabine Bezdek - $16,090

Amanda Thayer - $15,664

Tiffany Weaver - $13,407

Top Area Sponsoring (# of NEW $150 PCs/Cons)

Tarrah Brandsma - 35

Kelly Brgoch - 33

Arlene Burgess - 32

Kelli Trent - 32

Sabine Bezdek - 20

Katie Ganderton - 20

Lindsay Bauerle - 20

Brianna Widen - 18

Courtney Bauer - 17

Raven Astrom - 14

Amanda Thayer - 12

Top District Sales ($)

(look at these CENTRAL DISTRICTS!!!!)

Kelli Trent - $14,199

Katie Ganderton - $11,489

Arlene Burgess - $10,698

Tarrah Brandsma - $10,596

Melanie Eastridge - $10,287

Kyla Jones - $10,202

Kelly Brgoch - $9,725

Courtney Bauer - $9,554

Amanda Thayer - $8,782

Samantha Knight - $8,233

Top District Sponsoring (# of NEW $150 PCs/Cons)

Katie Ganderton - 20

Melanie Eastridge - 17

Erin Zanotti - 16

Courtney Bauer - 15

Kelli Trent - 11

Shanna Nickel - 11

Jennie Carmichael - 9

Heather Dahlgren - 9

Arlene Burgess - 9

Raven Astrom - 8

Who's Joining Us In Wine Country, California???

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Guess who is already going to Atlantis!! RVP in Qualification Kelli Trent!!!

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