Jamestown Elementary School

August 2016

Welcome to the 2016-2017 School Year

The Mission of Jamestown Elementary School is to provide effective and timeless instruction, on a daily basis, in a supportive environment, that is conducive to learning and to excellence.

The Vision of Jamestown Elementary School is that all students are special and filled with potential.

The Motto of Jamestown Elementary School is that we are armored in excellence.


Please refer to the calendar on the school website for iReady Universal Screener and other school activities.

As a reminder, school starts at 8:15 AM and ends at 3:15 PM, with no early release at 2:45 PM. In an effort to ensure the safety of our students, please do not park in the carpool line during the morning.

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2016-2017 Faculty and Staff

Pre-Kindergarten- Shannon Stoddard

Kindergarten- Jana Booker, Catherine Jones

1st Grade-Miranda West, Cynthia Reynolds

2nd Grade-Zelma Hall, Leanne Jacobs

3rd Grade- Stephanie Scott, Laquandara Staley, Toni Holt

4th Grade-Keysa Bing, Marie Hall

5th Grade- Alysa Larke, Carisa Bryant

Mo/Autism- Sherri Lambert-Walker

EIP- Daphne Carter, Itzel Woodlief

SPED-Sandra Joyner, Tracy Harmon

Art-Florence Parris

Physical Education-Jason Shepard

Media Specialist-Susan Scarmoutzos

Nurse-Susie Jones

Paraprofessional-Cristie Waltower, Melecia Elam, Diona Smith, Cynthia Daley, Tyson Johnson, Robin Lotz

Bookkeeper-Tamika Hurlston

Data- Avis Cheatham

Counselor-Nitika Smith

Custodial-Delores Jarrett, Travis Wells, Issac Drayton

Nutrition- Carmen Williams, Anita Marie James, Bernice Lambert, Erick Amos, Catine Smalls, Michelle Cheatham

Health MPowers

Jamestown will participate in Health MPowers again this year in an effort to continue to be health conscience for both staff and students for the 2016-2017 school year.

Free Health MPowers agendas will be distributed to students in 3rd -5th grade later in August.

Student Corner

Students in 2nd grade will have an opportunity to participate in the Family YMCA Splash Program from September 12-September 16.

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