Western Lowland Gorilla

gorilla gorilla


  • kingdom Animalia- This Kingdom does not contain any prokaryotes, it includes all bacteria, and algae.

  • phylum chordata- This specie is defined as a organism that possess a structure called a notochord.

  • Subphylum vertebrata- This vertebrata, which this genus is, a mammal, that also has a very large backbone.

  • Class Mammalia-This specie shares about 200 more characteristics with different species.

  • Sarcopterygii-Lobe finned fishes and terrestrial vertebrates.

  • Order Primates- This Genus is a primate, which is an

.eutherian group.

  • Family Hominidae- Gorillas are linked to humans.

  • Genus Gorilla- Gorilla

  • Domain Eurkarya- This organism can be single celled or multicellular .

This organism contains a nucleus.


General Description

  • Height: 4 to 6 ft
  • weight: 150 to 400 pounds
  • Color: Mostly Black, but the dominant adult male is called a silverback because of the patch of silver hair down their back that grows with maturity.
  • Natural range: Western Lowland Gorillas are endangered. They live in heavy rain forests in Africa
  • Diet; Vegetarian diet, they ear roots, shoots, fruit, wild celery, and tree bark and pulp, the gorilla gets food by climbing trees to reach the fruit
  • Habitat: Lowlands and tropical forests in Western Africa
  • Predators: This gorillas predator is leopards and hungry people who hunt gorillas for bushmeat

Physical Adaptions

Western gorillas have large jaw muscles and broad, strong teeth. Coarse, dark hair covers the entire body except for the face, ears, hands, and feet, it helps attack when there predator comes around. Male gorillas have a very tough skull for protection to live longer. Gorillas can climb trees but are found on the ground in communities up to 30 lowland Gorillas, this is called a troop.

Behavioral Adaptions

The female Gorilla keeps its baby's with her, until they are at least 2 years old then they go off with there father because if they give them to there father right away the male wont notice it and it will attack it and kill it. Lowland gorillas live peaceful existence which means they like it quiet. When someone bothers them they will attack because they want it quiet. Silver backs are more aggressive than other troop members since safety is their responsibility.


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