State of the Classroom

Tips for Success

Read Your Feedback

  • If I can't open a file, I'll let you know that you need to resubmit it in a file format I can open in your feedback.
  • If you missed and assignment, I'll let you know in your feedback.
  • If you get something wrong, I'll let you know if your feedback.
  • If you missed detailed information for your assignments in the help session, I'll tell you in the feedback.

Come To or Watch The Recording of the Help Sessions

I offer help sessions every Monday evening at 6pm. If you are unable to attend, they are recorded. In these help sessions, I give many different types of information. Sometimes I give assignment information, extra credit opportunities, talk about the current topics, give tips for success, play games, etc., etc.

Plagiarism is Defined As...

•Plagiarism (representing another person's ideas, words, expressions, or data in writing or presentation without properly acknowledging the source).

•Submitting work through the use of another person's password/login is considered dishonest behavior. Student logins/passwords are confidential information that should not be shared with others. Any assignments, work, or projects posted while using another student's login will be considered plagiarism. Allowing another person, even a family member, to use your login and submit work on your behalf is also considered to be dishonest behavior.

It's very easy to just copy and paste your answers, but this is not how we learn. All this does is teach us how to use short cuts on the computer.

If you copy and paste your answers without proper citation, you will receive a

"0" in the grade book.

Plagiarism Detection

There are many plagiarism detectors online that are free of charge. I use these to check your work. Some sites you can check out include:

Small SEO Tools

Don't Lose Points On Your Discussion

Discussions should be meaningful and substantial. If you want a definition for substantial, that would be 4 or more sentences. Meaningful would relate to the subject of the discussion and make your peers think about it in a different light. Below I have shown you what an acceptable discussion looks like as well as an unacceptable discussion. In black you will see the original post with replies in blue and green.

If your post is unacceptable, you will not receive credit for it.

Discussion: Greatest Impact of the Industrial Revolution.

–In your opinion, what was the greatest impact of the Industrial Revolution? Was it a new invention? The development of cities? The development of new political movements? Or was it something else? Type your response and make sure to explain why you feel as you do.

–Remember that you must make a substantial initial post, and respond to at least two of your classmates.

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