It's Your Bachelorette!

We are so excited to celebrate with you in...

Sunny Sea Isle City, NJ!

The secret is out! Get ready to GTL (gym-tan-lay out) because you and all your best friends will be have a fabulous beach weekend on the Jersey Shore!

Time to start preparing for #BEANSBACHELORETTEBASH

Your Bachelorette, Bitch

Thursday, June 4th, 8pm to Sunday, June 7th, 11am

30 33rd St

Sea Isle City, NJ

The place is located right on the beach within walking distance to local bars and restaurants. I will be your chauffeur and hostess with the most-est for the weekend:)


While I don't want to give away all the secrets....

Thursday - ARRIVE! Wine and dinner with a few friends

Friday - Beach day as people slowly trickle in. Friday night out in Sea Isle bars (walkable!)

Saturday am- Surprise Day activity starting at 10am followed by a very special brunch. Games, ridiculous and day drinking (duh) to ensue.

Saturday pm - Night out with limos, dinner, and dancing! Details are a surprise:)


Everyone is so so soooo excited to celebrate with you this weekend! So time to get pumped for the best beach bach bash there ever was :)