Badger Pontifications

Bennington Jr/Sr LIbrary

Attitude of Gratitude Contest

Come to the library to be a part of the November contest. This month we will be focusing on books you are grateful to have read. Which books make you happiest? Why? Develop a short video using any video creation tool you choose or stop by the library and film your video in the Gratitude booth. Submit your video to me via email. Students who participate will be entered into a prize drawing. Share what makes you happy.

What is Mrs. Indy Reading?

My latest read is "The Testing" by Joelle Charbonneau. After the Seven Stages war, the planet has been left a waste land. The future is in the hands of a chosen few. This elite group must first pass The Testing- their only chance at a college education and rewarding career.

Cia Vale has been chosen as a candidate and is eager to prove her worht. But her father, a former Testing candidate, hints that this will be no easy task. His advice trust no one.

Will she pass "The Testing"? I don't know yet but I will find out.