FSSD Instructional Technology 5-8

Newsletter Volume II Issue III (5-8)


MTETA ITA is a teacher workshop that will be held on June 9, 2016. More information will be coming soon. Registration is free and breakfast and lunch will be provided. Plan now to register, come, and learn new tricks to use technology in your classroom.

TETA's annual Summer Institute will be July 12 - 15 in Collierville, TN. Friday, July 15th is a "Teacher Day" and has free admission for those of you who would like to attend. See their website for more information about registration and the cost for the entire event.

Google Classroom Engages Students and Prepares them for 21st Century Learning

Be sure to check out summer professional learning opportunities for Google Apps for Education and other instructional technology sessions at mylearningplan.com.

Formative Assessments to Engage Students and Drive Instruction

Check out the following formative assessments that can easily be integrated into lessons, used to collect student data, and drive instruction based on results.


Quizziz is a great resource that allows teachers to quickly create quizzes or search from a bank of archived quizzes based on key words. The quizzes can be shared on Google Classroom for students to review content or view from home. This is a great for students who may have been absent. Student data from Quizziz can be quickly downloaded to a spreadsheet and saved to your Google Drive.


Padlet is a great tool that allows students to collaborate with classmates by adding comments and share work on a board that can be projected to share with the class. Teachers can ask questions and have students brainstorm to discuss as a class. Data can be exported to an spreadsheet for review.


This resource can be used to enhance classroom discussions while empowering students who may not be willing to share comments verbally. Use TodaysMeet to hold Socratic seminars or review content for upcoming assessments.

Do you have a classroom Twitter account? How are you using it? You may post photos from the day or share announcements with parents. Have you thought about challenging students through tweets? After attending the Curriculum Associates Blended Learning Symposium at the beginning of March, keynote speaker Allen November shared how Twitter could be used to challenge students outside the classroom. The following article gives examples of how Twitter can be used to increase rigor in your lessons.

How Twitter Can Be Used as a Powerful Educational Tool

PLEASE NOTE: If you use Twitter to share photos or information from your classroom, or to engage parents, you are required to have an FSSD Digital Publishing Guidelines form on file with your principal. If you would like to start a classroom twitter account, contact me at cookcin@fssd.org and I will get this simple process started with you. The FSSD will issue an official account with the proper settings. It's a fun way to share your classroom stories! Those who are using approved personal accounts in the classroom are also urged to switch to an "FSSD verified" account.

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