What is Skateboarding to you?

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Who's in the picture?

That is a professional Skateboarder named Sean Malto. He is from Kansas City and still lives there and he's sponsored by some companies such as Nike SB, GIRL, and Spitfire.

It also just so happens that, the picture is actually in Shawnee, Kansas at a park called Swarner Park.

All About Me

My name is Jacob Andrew Kaiser and if it isn't obvious, I skate. I attend F.L. Schlagle High School in Kansas City Kansas and i'm a sophomore(10th grade). Other than skating i think filming and editing videos is probably my other passion for sure, which it just so happens is a thing in the skateboarding world too. Some day id like to go and skate around the world, like Spain or even Japan. I don't really know exactly what my favorite food is, i only say this because there will be times where is all i want in life is a pizza and the next thing you know is all i want is tacos or something, it all just depends. In all reality when it comes to a subject that i like id have to say history is my favorite, i don't know why its just always been very interesting to me.

Does misunderstanding in skateboarding affect people's opinions of it?

Yes in a way peoples opinions of skateboarding sometimes tend to be really ignorant, unfortunately. If you get what i'm saying i'm talking about the whole thing with skateboarding and drug affiliations. Some people tend to think that skateboarding leads to drugs and just straight bad adolescent things. Yet in all reality there are literally responsible 40 year olds with jobs that skate all the time because they love it. Plus theres tons of kids and good nice people out there that just skate for the passion, because real skaters don't skate to be cool and skate to get into drugs. Its not just with that though, a lot of parents tend not to get there kids boards for a long time just because there simply scared for there kids getting hurt. As long as there not trying to ollie(jump in air with board) a giant 30 set stair case then i'm pretty sure they'll be fine. You have to learn to skate before you do anything, and as long as your kid slowly learns starting from the basics he'll be good enough to handle harder and bigger things overtime.

What is Skateboarding?

Its something I like to call an artistic sport, a sport where you persevere and work hard but with your own style and expression and art. They way you rotate, land, pivot, flare your arms, etc. it all comes together. Its different when your learning to skate because is all that matters is landing the new stuff, but if you know a lot of stuff then yea thats what its about. I hope to learn more about the history of skateboarding and who introduced certain forms of skateboarding. I hope others learn a lot about the real example of skateboarding.

History of Skateboarding

Skateboarding started technically around 1958 but there were sitings of kids on boards with wheels in the early 40's. When it did "start off" in 1958 it literally was just a board with rollerskate wheels smacked on it. Eventually they tried changing some stuff including a company that tried to make metal wheels but it didn't work out. So around 1963 better quality boards and clay wheels for skateboarding were made and the very first skateboarding contest took place in Hermosa Beach, California in 1963. Then 10 years later new urethane wheels are made that are much smoother and can handle banks and ditches which opened up a whole new form of skating from a surfer with a shorter board and with more fluid moves. Including the start of skating empty pools. 1980 street skateboarding kicks off meaning things out in the regular street are starting to be skated now. By the 1990's skateboarding gets a lot more notice and popularity especially with the X Games starting up. Because of that a lot of commercials and ads put in stuff that has to do with skateboarding, or just a random skater. 2000's kids as young as 2 skateboarding and many new an nicely built skateparks all around. A lot of the world connected to media now knows of the sport skateboarding. (all history information from

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Learning to Skate

While your learning to skate its a possibility you may really want to give up. Because in all reality learning something completely new is hard especially when learning to skate, actually learning to skate is one of the hardest parts of skating period. So what do you do first? You simply just get comfortable with standing on your board and riding on it because your not going to pop an ollie up right away. Another good thing to do before trying to learn to ollie is to practice your manuals (riding while balancing on the back two wheels) all the time to help get comfortable faster. Your probably not going to get a hang of things right away, especially when you have trouble riding on it and one specific piece of advice i give is to persist and keep trying because if you give up then you really wont ever learn. An ollie is to bend your knees, pop the back tail and slide your foot into the front nose while jumping all in one motion. Once you've gotten this down you can start to learn trick by trick starting with a trick like a front 180 (an ollie while doing a 180 with your front in the front) or a pop shuvit (to scoop the back tail making the board 180 and landing on it). The more tricks you learn the easier it is all-round to skate.

Skateboarding Survey

I have a link to a survey i made ran for the students of my grade, just asking a few questions and the patterns of peoples answers.

The SB Chronicles Vol. 2: Shane O'Neill
I chose the video to just kind of represent a touch of the skill of the machines in skateboarding such as the man you saw in the video Shane O'neill.