HTM Open House

Learn from Your Child!

Please Join Us!

HTM Parents and Caregivers,

You are invited to join us for an Open House so that you may observe the work your child has been doing in his or her classroom! Take on the role of the student while your son or daughter shows you how to do some of his or her most recent lessons.

Please join in with other parents from your classroom community during the specific date/time shown for your last name. Each Open House will be from 7:30 AM-9:00 AM. Drop in and stay as long as you like in your allotted time, then plan to join Kate in the Multipurpose room for coffee at 9:00 AM.

Because this time is such a wonderful opportunity to give your HTM student your full attention, we respectfully request that you arrange for childcare for any other siblings not enrolled at our school (nursing babies are welcome). We do encourage you to bring along any adult family members or close friends who would love to experience a morning at HTM through your child's eyes.

Open House Schedule

Each classroom will be open from 7:30AM until 9:00AM. We have divided the events based on the last names of students in each classroom, with each event open to ten students per classroom at a time. If you have any scheduling conflicts or questions, please email your child's teacher directly.


Please speak with Heather to determine your scheduled date and time.

Primary A

Tuesday, 1/27: Last names A-J

Thursday, 1/29: Last names K-Z

Primary B

Tuesday, 1/27: Last names A-E

Thursday, 1/29: Last names F-Z

Lower Elementary

Tuesday, 1/27: Last names A-F

Wednesday, 1/28: Last names G-M

Thursday, 1/29: Last names N-Z

We look forward to seeing you all next week!