My 2014-2015 School Year

This year I...

This year Zach and I have become closer friends because we get to go to the PAC most days and hang out. I have met so many new friends this years that are super nice and smart (Rohan S.). This year I have been more relaxed about school than I was in 6th grade. This year I have also gotten my priorities straight. My friends and family come first, then Hockey, then acting.
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Convico (Beta)

I am working on a business and this is my website. Name is in beta.

Hockey Try-Outs

Friday, June 5th, 7pm

11048 Ice Skate Place

San Diego, CA

Hockey try-outs for Bantam AA.

In Conclusion

This year has been a great growing experience for me. This summer I want to go to Jr. Lifeguards camp, play hockey, act, and most of all hang out with all my friends. School was great this year am I excited to go into 8th grade because that's one step closer to getting my Prius. Overall, this year was a year that was very memorable.