Daniel's Story

By: Carol Matas

The Holocaust

The Holocaust was a very important and cruel event in history. It began in Germany in 1939 and ended in 1945. The Holocaust was started by one man who hated Jews (Like Daniel and his family). Adolf Hitler was the chancellor of Germany when it all began. His hatred was not only towards Jews, but anyone that was not like him.
Why Should We Remember?

"Death was familiar, too familiar." -Daniel

"Always choose love" -Adam

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Concentration Camps

In the photo above, you see men lined up in pajama-like uniforms. These were the Jews that were forced into camps called concentration camps. Daniels entire family was forced to live in these terrible camps. They had close to no food and there was lice everywhere.

"Look around us, a race of monsters." -Daniel

The Fire Pit

One internal conflict is when Daniel was taking pictures of the fire and the gas chambers. He was debating whether to jump in the pit and end it all, or survive and keep fighting to live.

"Remember." -Peter

Two New Vocabulary

Eradicate: to remove or destroy utterly; extirpate

Deluded: to mislead the mind or judgment of

Holocaust Survivors Tell the Stories of Their Childhood

Significant Event

A significant event to me was when Auntie Leah and her children got separated and shot. When that happened, I think everyone realized how serious and dangerous these men are. After that occurred, the whole mood of the story changed.

"No one wanted us." -Daniel


The theme of the story is, always push through no matter how hard a situation is, it will always get better. If you ever feel like giving up, just think of how far you've come and remember why you kept holding on.

External Conflict

Daniel vs. Nazi's

"We're free." -Daniel