The Amazon

A rainforest that needs care

The Amazon Jungle

I know what you're thinking: 'Here we go again... Someone is going to whine about the global warming and its consequences.' Well ... I assume you already got that part of the story so let’s skip all that and let me convince you to care about The Amazon.

The Amazon is the biggest forest of the world. With its surface of 5,500,000 square kilometres it covers 9 countries. It has also the biggest biodiversity ever, 20% of the animals on earth live there. And we're destroying it! We're ruining all those rare species of animals and plants. The Amazon is a circle of life, the inhabitants are all dependent on each other. It's like a little domino that will cause a great disaster. Not only for the animals but also for us! The Amazon forest converts CO2 in to oxygen, this slows the global warming.

Like I said, we're ruining our planet and this beautiful forest. There is a direct and indirect way. The direct way is the global warming, by the emission of CO2. It disrupts the climate and therefore their lifestyle. This is also the way we all know, but there's also an indirect way, the poverty gap. Most people in South-America are very poor, due to the lifestyle of today's society. The farmers, who live on the edge of the rainforest, are cutting down pieces of the rainforest. They use it as farmland because it's very fertile ground. You cannot blame them! It's there only way to survive. So it's our task to give them other opportunity’s. Only then they will stop the cutting.

I want you to care about those people and this lovely rainforest. It's one of the most precious and important things on earth. We have already ruined the world enough, please help and save this beautiful rainforest.

Wild Amazon