An experience of a lifetime

with AIESEC in UTS

Global Citizen Program

Our Global Citizen program offers you the chance to develop yourself through community development projects in your winter or summer break. Opportunities are available in over 10 countries, offering you an intense learning experience by living and working in a foreign environment.

EARLY BIRD Promotions!

$50 reimbursement for the first 20 early birds who are match to a project by 15th April 2015.

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Steps to take

1st: have a chat over coffee

2nd: create an account on

3rd: click on projects you like to apply to

4th: have an interview

5th: get matched to a project

6th: apply visas and book flights

Inbetween these steps, there will be workshops, meet ups and seminar to prepare you for exchange.

Sign up and browse projects

Country Partners for 2015

Take me to:

Gold: Taiwan, Mainland of China, India and Brazil

Silver: Cambodia, Vietnam, Poland and Czech Republic

Bronze: Indonesia, Hungary, The Philippines, South Korea and Italy

AIESEC Experience in Dalian, China (Dare to Dream 2013)
AIESEC City Diaries: Luke and his experience in Brazil


Developing leadership qualities

Working and living in a culturally diverse environment

Gaining transferrable skills

Making a positive impact on others

Fee and Duration

A flat rate program fee of $700.

You MAY be eligible to receive a general grant between $500 and $1000 from UTS Build.

Duration ranges from 6-12 weeks with projects starting late June/ early July 15 and/or late Nov 15 till early Jan 16.

About Us

AIESEC is the global youth network impacting the world through leadership development experiences.