The Counselor's Corner

Katie Trueman (1st, 2nd & 5th Grades)

April 2014

Classroom Guidance

1st Grade Classroom Guidance

This month I will continue to use Auto-B-Good to reinforce the Covey Habits & Character Traits. I will be introducing the ideas of Initiative, Self-Reliance, Perseverance & Sportsmanship. In the Initiative lesson, students learn the importance of staying completely focused on a task. In the Self-Reliance lesson, students learn to be responsible and do their best. The Perseverance lesson teaches students to stay with task in spite of difficulties. Finally, in the Sportsmanship lesson students understand the importance of behaving generously in victory and defeat.

2nd Grade Classroom Guidance

Second Grade Teachers felt that my "big rocks" for classroom guidance this year should be centered around Emotion Management / Problem Solving, Character Education, Bullying Prevention & Friendship. Students are enjoying our Character Trait Unit! We will be learning about the Habits Win-Win & Seeking First To Understand, Then To Be Understood. The students will learn about Perseverance & Self-Discipline. In the Perseverance lesson, students learn to stay with a task in spite of difficulties. The Self-Discipline lesson teaches that students are in control of choosing the right thing to do. Next the students learn the Character Traits of Respect & Kindness. The Respect lesson reminds students to be patient with those who do not share your opinions or views. The Kindness lesson teaches students to always show that you appreciate others.

5th Grade Classroom Guidance

We are moving on to our final unit for 5th grade - THE MIDDLE SCHOOL TRANSITION unit. The next couple of lessons will help prepare our 5th graders for Middle School!

This month we will explore the Incredible Power of "0". This activity is designed to demonstrate to students the incredible effect that a zero can have on their grade. In middle school, most teachers will allow students to turn in late work for a reduced percentage in a grade or partial credit. However, if students do not take this opportunity, that missing assignment will become a zero and can drastically affect their overall homework average. This lesson will teach the importance of completing (and turning in their work) and the negative consequence on their grades if they get a "0". We will conclude the lesson with a funny DVD stressing the importance of completing homework.

April Classroom Guidance Schedule

1st & 2nd Grade Rotation (might change a little due to specialist schedule or weather!)

Mar 26 & 27 - Cline & Brown

Mar 28 & April 7 - Campbell & Almond
April 8 & 9 - Catherwood & Alinaghi
April 10 & 11 - Rizzuto & Norman
April 14 & 15 - Randle & Little
April 17 & 21 - Kelley & Ivester

April 22 & 24 - Falkner & Abbott

5th Grade

April 7 - Ferrell

April 14 - Vick

April 21 - Boughton

April 25 - Weber

April 28 - Pinkney

May 2 - Horst

Leadership Connection

The Habits that are represented in my lessons this month:

Think Win-Win , Put First Things First (Work before Play), Begin with the End in Mind.

Small Groups


2nd - All About Me

5th Grade - School Success (finishing up because of all the snow days!)

5th Grade - LEADers - Leadership Skills finishing up because of all the snow days!)

5th Grade - Girls' World (2 groups)

Special Announcements

Parents: New information sessions scheduled on Middle School Math Placement

From WCPSS website...During the months of March and April, many rising 6th graders will be working with their elementary teachers and counselors to make decisions about middle school math placement.

We have created an online resource to provide students and families with detailed information about math placement criteria, with options for higher or lower math placement depending on the learning needs and goals for the student.

There is also information about progression of math courses from middle to high school and supports that are available for students and families. For more information, attend one of our Math Placement Info Sessions, or contact your school counselor or submit a question via the contact form on the site. Middle School math resource site >

Note in the Pocket

Are you looking for a place to donate your child's clothing? Check out this wonderful local organization! It's a great way to give back to our community.

Mission: We provide clothing to impoverished and homeless children in Wake County. Note in the Pocket believes it is unacceptable that children are limited in their educational and social development because they do not have appropriate clothes for school.

Summer Camps

Don't forget about this great resource for Summer Camps! Summershine is an annual publication of Lifelong Learning that offers information to parents about camps, activities, day care, clinics, and track out programs for children in the Wake County area.

Shout Outs!

William Winslow (2nd - Almond) will be on featured on WRAL for his work to support Interfaith's Backpack Buddies Program. He wanted to help students across our county who are food insecure & is inspiring others to get involved! Thank you William!

Ethan Clark (5th - Horst) - He has prepared backpacks of food for our own Combs students receiving Backpack Buddies out of our school's pantry this whole year.

Julia & Emma Thorne (1st & 2nd - Falkner / Alinaghi) - They have continuously donated food for our Backpack Buddies program this year!

Thank you all soooo much for your leadership!

Lunch Bunch

What: What is lunch bunch? Lunch Bunch is an awesome time! Students can bring their lunch to the counselor's room to eat & make new friends.

When: Mondays for 5th Grade & Fridays for 2nd Grade.

Where: The counselor’s room, Room 120

How: Students can write their name on a sign-up sheet on the counselor’s door - students can sign up once a quarter.

About Me

My name is Katie Trueman and for as long as I can remember I have wanted to be a school counselor! I graduated from Marshall University (Huntington, WV) with a B.A. in Psychology. Then I pursued my dream to continue my education and received a M.A. in School Counseling. I am originally from WV and moved to Raleigh because of the excellent educational system. I began working at AB Combs in 2005. I acquired my National Boards of Professional Teaching Standards for school counseling in 2010. I am thrilled to be at a school that incorporates The Leader in Me and honors children! When I’m not working with children, I love hiking with my husband & two cute kids, yoga, experimenting with new recipes and exploring NC with my sweet family & friends.