Paul R. Ehrlich



Known for the novel "Population Bomb"

Paul R. Ehrlich was a biologist and also did some work in entomology. Ehrlich graduated from Pennsylvania University and got his M.A and Ph.D. degrees from Kansas University. Paul Ehrlich is a teacher of population studies and biological science at Stanford University, and is also a chairman on the board of biology. He is a pioneer, alerting the public on overpopulation that raises issues in resource and environment problem that matters to public policy. But what Ehrlich is well known for is his novel called, “The Population Bomb”. It’s a novel he wrote which tells about the population growing 95 million people each year. It was based mass starvation due to overpopulation in the 1970’s to 1980’s. He wrote the book with his wife, Annie H. Ehrlich, to raise awareness in overpopulation so that we will not starve. Along with his wife won the Tyler Prize in 1998 for environmental achievement.

Isabelle Anderson