Blood Brothers By Nora Roberts

Article by Arianna Wager

Blood Brothers By Nora Roberts

An Evil is trying to take over from centuries ago. What is going on in Hawkins Hollow? Gage, Fox and Caleb are the boys that fight this mystery. What happens when 3 women are thrown in? Why do these women get drawn to Hawkins Hollow? The first story is about a man named Caleb, but everyone calls him Cal, and a woman named Quinn.

Quinn is a writer, and is drawn to Hawkins Hollow because of the weird things that happen there Every 7 years on the 7th day of the 7th month. Everyone calls this Evil massacre the "Seven". Cal hears that a woman named Quinn is writing a book about the town and calls her up. At first Cal doesn't like her and thinks that she is a very pushy women who likes to stick her nose in business that isn't hers, but does it end the way he thinks it will? Does she end up tied to him by fate or does she just run away after finding the reason she's there and why he stays? What is the big secret that these boys are bound too?

Quinn Black

There are 6 main characters in the Trilogy, but Blood Brothers only focuses on 2 of them. Quinn, the attentive, snoopy, gorgeous, creative, "blondie" that decides to write a Book on the small town of Hawkins Hollow. She has a very fast mind, but doesn't know everything. She has connections with lots of people (Growing up in New York does that to you). She is described as a very good listener. She is also a serious person. When it comes to her work, she is dead serious. But is there something fun about her? Is she a valuable part of the "seven"? You'll have to find out.

Cal Hawkins

Cal is the great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great- and some more greats- Grand son of the person that first founded Hawkins Hallow. He is a selfless, fun, organized, clean, light haired, brown eyed man. He risks his life for the sake of his town that is tormented every 7 years by an Ancient Demon. He hopes that the next "seven" is a success. Will they get any closer to the answers? Will there be surprises in store? Read the book!

Book Information

Nora Roberts writes many books. She is a very creative person who writes fantasy and non fiction books. Blood Brothers is one of her many books. Blood Brothers is only the first of a trilogy. She wrote this book in 2008. This is a person VS person Conflict. It's a binding story of romance, demons, and magic. She has a way of pulling you in, of making you want to read and not stop. If you love a thrill with a touch of romance she definitely has the right book for you. An ancient demon is after the lives of 3 boys after doing a blood ritual down at a forbidden pond called, Hester's pond. This demon feeds on fear and grows every Year of the "Seven". The stronger the Monster gets, the stronger these boys need to be. After 21 years of fighting this demon they call, Twisse, they some how get caught up in a surprising turn of events. No one could have seen this coming. No one would have thought that 3 women would show up out of no where like they did. The demon is now after 6 lives. These 3 men may have learned to trust these women, but do they tell them every secret? Is it worth keeping secrets when it can risk your life?

My personal Opinions

When I first read this book it was amazing. It sounds like I'm just telling you want to hear, but I'm not. This book has so much romance. You would never believe me until you read the book. Nora Roberts is an amazing writer. the first page of this book is pretty boring, but by page 2 you'll want to read more. I freaked out when I finished this book. I wanted to read more. So when I read the second book, I was even more intrigued. Blood Brothers, The hollow, The Pagan Stone. You're going to wish it never ended. If you love the kind of books that pull you in, keep it interesting, and have so much action and love in one, Blood Brothers is your book. While you're at it, you should finish the trilogy and read The Hollow and The Pagan stone. I guarantee that if you love Fantasy, you'll love this book.

Nora also has a way of throwing a lot of comedy in this book. She has a way of making things fresh. Blood Brothers is one of my favorite books along with my other favorites The Hollow and The Pagan Stone.