3rd 6 Weeks Project

By: Kaitlyn Battenfield

Brainstorming Ideas

Brainstorming- To produce an idea or way of solving a problem.

Examples- Venn Diagram, Graphic Organizers

Revising and Editing

Revising- To reread work that is done previously to improve one's knowledge of a subject

Example- I will look over my papper for misspelled words and punctuation (paper is misspelled and there is not a period at the end of the sentence.)

Editing- correcting, condensing, or otherwise modifying it.

Example- I will look over my paper for misspelled words and punctuation. ( I fixed the word paper and added a period at the end of the sentence.)

Examples of what is above.


The influence of the setting on the plot

The setting influences the plot by many different ways. The setting maybe irrelevant for the plot. The setting is the time or place the character is. Plot means the main events of a play, noel, or story of some sort. In other words the setting may not be "good" for the plot.

The importance of setting and plot

The importance of setting and plot is because when creating a story you need both of them. Plot is the overall main idea of the story and you need a main idea in a story. The importance of setting is because everywhere your characters are need to be somewhere and somewhere has to be a setting.

Different forms of point of view

So there are many different forms of point of view. There are so many that haven't been taught to us just yet so I'm just going to go over what has been taught to us. The first one is first person. First person is me, second person is you, and third person is he or she.