January 2016

Happy New Year Everyone!!

So it is a new year, and the holiday's are over.. This often leads to excitement and anticipation, a little relief, and then often a bit of the blues (which I will be using all the new emotional blends to help through that!!)...

But remember to take time for the little things... like taking your vitamins, going on a brief brisk walk just to feel the sun on your face, putting on your oils, getting rest, drinking a cup of your favorite tea and just sitting for 15 minutes... All the little self care things add up to- well... feeling sane.

December was an awesome month! You guys were amazing! You worked so hard, and I was able to give away so many gifts!! I am hoping you all enjoyed them, and felt appreciated, because I absolutely do!

For this month! The typical giveaways- each of you that enroll four or more wellness advocates, and then one for top enroller!

So, for the four new enrollees- it is a big one this month! You will receive a bottle of Breathe!!

For the top enroller- you will win a Petal Diffuser and a bottle of Breathe!! So keep up the good work everyone!

Also, don't forget Doterra has extended the Frankincense giveaway- 200 PV order by the 15th, gets you a free bottle, and would get you the free bottle of Lime also!

Okay! I won't keep you any longer, as I have promised to not overload you with these monthly newsletters! :)

Love to all of you!