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It is really beautiful to see the kind of change that you are bringing internally in the organization and externally. I can see teams being challenged, overshooting their targets but I see the focus being more on Battery. I see battery becoming an incentive to work, actually it's just a measure, and it’s not the final thing that defines you. We don't do that here, we don't work for batteries in AIESEC , let your work define who you are. I truly believe that life's true lessons comes when something challenging confronts us, that is when we actually see what we are made of , what our teams are made of , that is when we realize our true potential and our purpose in the long run. The efforts that you put in the work is really commendable but the right question I believe is,

Is it bringing a positive change in you as a person, are you becoming self-aware, are you Enjoying the journey?

Let us redefine ourselves for the better each day and unleash our true potential.



  • BD does not want to restrict itself to just VIT anymore and is planning to expand to other Universities in Vellore.
  • This department believes not only will it help them in broadening their horizons but also help OGC and OGT in expanding.
  • BD has been planning to have Youth Empowerment Sessions to be conducted in and around Vellore and hope for it’s smooth delivery and roaring success.
  • Also they are pretty close to getting their first outreach sponsor for this quarter on board.

Outgoing Global Citizen

  • OGC department has been working on it’s jive and is ready with one now.
  • Till now this department has 18 raises.
  • Out of 18, 1 has already been matched in Poland

Incoming Global Citizen

  • One of the biggest achievement by this department is that both their projects are now up on expa.
  • Also one application for each project has been received.
  • They have started to work towards community and value delivery of the projects.
  • Also iGC is now marketing for their projects.

Talent Management

  • Battery percentage system has been well implemented till now.
  • Battery percentages till the third week have been successfully updated on th TM cell of each AIESECer.
  • Changes in the minutes and agenda have been made and informed to all the departments.
  • Jive challenges was an initiative taken to keep the enthusiasm of each department to the fullest and make them learn the jives as well.
  • Tshirts for the GB, EB, MB and the OC Oompa loompa designed and ordered.
  • Currently working on the task force for the Local Board advisors.


Outgoing Global Talent

  • They have their first raise for oGT for the first time in the history of AIESEC in VIT.
  • The EP profiles created in synergy with the marketing department.
  • They are planning youth empowerment sessions in different universities while synergizing with Business Development department.
  • Expa knowledge has been given to all members and accounts created.
  • Two members from OGT went for RYLC - Yashasvi and Samriddhi.

Incoming Global Talent

  • They have contacted several companies and found two contacts of the HR manager and will be setting up an appointment soon.
  • They will be approaching different universities in synergy with Business Development department.
  • Expa knowledge has been given to all members and accounts created.


  • Campaigns are being planned to start by next week.
  • AIESEC merchandise will be available soon.
  • Marketing for IGC has started with full flow.
  • OGC has 36 pipelines through marketing department.
  • AIESECinVIT has an official blog and a YouTube page now.
  • We have viewers from 45 different countries on AIESECinVIT facebook page.



Congratulations to Department BAAP BAAP HOTA HAI and LITT UPS for attaining the highest battery percentage for week 2 and 3.

Keep up the good work!

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Congratulations to Dhruv Chawla's team-ShizEPy Bonkers for attaining rank 1 with the highest average battery percentage with a huge margin for week 2 and 3.

Kudos,Excellent work!

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A big shout out to Yashavi (Team member OGT) on securing the highest overall battery percentage of 125.

Congratulations! Keep it up!



1. How has your AIESEC journey been so far?

My AIESEC journey has been pretty great so for. I love being a part of AIESEC. In my personal life I have been through a lot recently but AIESEC gave me a family and so many fun moments. Looking forward to more memories.

2.Who is the cutest EB member?

Vishal Apte

3.Your views on the AIESEC culture.

AIESEC culture is very different and fun. I personally love the Jives. I completely enjoy doing them and even the way we start with hey AIESEC,what's up? Simply amazing. AIESEC culture is superb and too much fun seriously!

4. What is the funniest thing about you?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE BOLLYWOOD! I am one crazy bollywood fan. I want and imagine my life to be like a cute,fun,romantic bollywood film. My favourite being Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani! So ya I am stupid :P

5.Who would you like to shoot,date and marry from AIESEC?

Shoot : Shubham Mittal

Date: Aditya Panjabi

Marry: Namit Jain.


1. How has your AIESEC journey been so far?

My AIESEC journey has been amazing till now. It's a different experience altogether. I'm getting to learn a lot about team work, and I'm getting to explore myself too.

2.Who is the cutest EB member?

Shreya Sahni <3

3.Your views on the AIESEC culture.

AIESEC culture is beautiful. Seemed weird at first, but after my first Jive session, it felt wonderful. It's great how all the teams make efforts for bonding sessions and the balance that we keep between work and fun is optimum. The small gestures we follow like snaping our fingers instead of clapping and the "respect the speaker" sign show that we pay attention to minute details. It's a culture that has surprised me pleasantly.

4. What is the funniest thing about you?

From what I've been told by people, it's mostly how I laugh or how I dance.

5.Who would you like to shoot,date and marry from AIESEC?

Shoot : Shaurya Shekhar

Date: Nikhita Singh

Marry : Nikhita Singh


1. How challenging is to be the finance VP?

It is definitely a big challenge to be the finance VP but not hard though. It's a huge responsibility because there is a lot of amount flowing in and out constantly so as long as it's noted in time it's no big deal. But yes I love my job! :P

2. Where do you see yourself 3 years from now?

3 years from now I see myself doing my final year in one of the best B schools. Final year MBA.

3.How has your transition been from a team member to an EB member?

Transition from a team member to VP was not hard at all. I think the main reason for this is the senior members in EB who have trusted me, correct me if I am wrong and help me grow as a leader. But I have learnt a lot as a VP, I am sure there is so much more to learn :)

4.What is the funniest thing about you?

Well to be honest I don't think there is anything funny about me or rather I don't know if there is. Oh yeah EB members think that the way I speak Hindi is funny otherwise I don't know lol.

5.Who would you like to shoot,date and marry from AIESEC?

Shoot: None

Date: Divya Sinha

Marry: Gouri



  • Snaps to AV for managing TM cell brilliantly.
  • Snaps to Raunaq Surana for amazing Minutes of meeting for the first meeting!
  • Snaps to Aditya Ravi on making a brilliant report on the research conducted for the BD synergy with GT!
    Its is uper professional and amaze!
  • Snaps to Marketing Team on an amazing first newsletter
  • Snaps to Vishal Apte
-Aditya Shukla

Send in your snaps here


  • Abhiroop dares Nishant Jesshta to do 5 pushups in a 69 position on Vishal Apte :)
  • Shaurya Shekhar and Shubham Mittal,do rampwalk and post the video.
  • Panjabi run around foodies shouting oGX is sexy! Do it 3 times!

Send in your confessions or dares here!



CEED in Salzburg, AIESEC in Austria




An information seminar on Global Technical Internships was conducted by AIESEC in VIT on 10th and 11th September from 6:00-7:30pm in TT-304. The first day of the seminar was conducted by Raunaq Surana and Samriddhi Srikanth and second day by Jatin Bhayana and Isha Mishra under the guidance of Vishal Apte.


RYLC 2K15 was conducted 18th September 2015 onwards in Vizag.


They're called BAAP BAAP HOTA HAI for a reason. Keeping the best for the last.

Here's the craaazzyy OGC Department Jive!

OGC Department Jive-Baap Baap hota hai

Any suggestions?