Peru Folk Housing

By Reece Gardner and Carter Kryzak

Boat Homes in Peru

  • Most of the folk houses in Peru are very long and are usually one story.
  • A lot of people build houses that float on water so when the water level rise, their houses will stay on top of the water.
  • These houses are popular because Peru has fluctuating sea level so a house that adjust to this is valuable because it keeps your belongings safe and secure

Stilt Houses

  • The people who don't build floating houses usually build houses on high stilt like beams that raise their house really high so the water doesn't cover the house.
  • These houses are also used to keep your valuables safe when the water rises.
  • Some of the negatives is that the beams aren't as sturdy and they could have bad structure. Also another negative is that these houses reach a certain height so if the water level somehow surpasses this level then their house will be engulfed in water.


  • Most of the houses are built with wood and the roofs are usually covered in grass or turf.
  • They use these resources because it is widely available the them and it is cheap, durable, and easy to manage.