Greece and Rome

Learn about the government and contributions!

Greek Contributions

The Greek made many things that contributed to our modern world today. The Greek had created Geometry, Medicine, and Astronomy. These contributed to the creation of the Hippocratic Oath. For sports and entertainment, they held the first Olympics, which were for the Greek god Zeus. Now we have the modern day summer and winter Olympics.

Roman Contributions

The language that was traditionally spoken during Roman times was Latin. This language had influenced many of the romance languages including Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Romanian. Latin is also the official language of the church. Romans had also developed aqueducts, which were elevated water systems used to transport water around. The modern day example of this is indoor plumbing.

Greek Government

There wasn't a central government in Greece, but instead Greece was divided into individual city states. Most of the city states governments were monarchies, which were governments ruled by kings. Some had oligarchies which were ruled by the most power elite members of society. Only one city state in Greece had democracy as their form of government.

Roman Government

The Romans were in an empire, known as the Roman Empire. This meant they're government was lead by emperors. There were many great emperors that ruled the Romans including Marcus Aurelius, Trajan, and Caesar Augustus.