Ms. Gonzalez's Newletter

First Grade, St. Mary's School

Week 13 with our Super Scholars

Hello again Parents!

Important Reminders

  • This Thursday November 21st any chocolates you may have ordered from PTG will be ready for pick up.
  • We will be having a Thanksgiving Potluck Next Wednesday November 26th with the 8th grade. I will be sending out a list requesting students to bring in some food, drink or utensils.
  • Each Monday, your child will work to set up a goal that they want to work toward for the week. Based on that goal, your child will move up or down on our HERO board. Be sure to ask your child what their weekly goal is and keep up on how they are doing

This week in 1st grade


We will focus on reviewing concepts such as even odd, number order, differentiated ways of addition and word problems.

Social Studies-

We are beginning our Thanksgiving unit starting with the Mayflower! We will be using our knowledge of the Mayflower to create our very own fact books

We will also be finishing our family tree quilt! Thank you for your participation in helping your child fill out their family tree


We will be connecting our Mayflower social studies unit to a study on flotation and weight capacity. We will be doing a fun floatation experiment in class which I will post pictures of next week! :)

Homework for Week 13


  1. Read for 30 minutes
  2. Math Worsheet 1-2 (sent home in folder)


  1. Read for 30 minutes
  2. Math Worsheet 2-1 (sent home in folder)


  1. Read for 30 minutes
  2. Math Worsheet 2-2 (sent home in folder)


  1. Read for 30 minutes
  2. Learn more about Thanksgiving at this awesome website

Ms. Angelina Gonzalez

I am happy to meet with you though I ask that you follow the 10-24 rule. If our meeting will take longer than 10 minutes, you will need to notify me 24 hours in advance simply by emailing or calling me.