Latest FREE PRESS for us!!

Wow! Our products and one of our teams top consultants- Rachel Cannon- are featured in the October issue of Allure Magazine! Pretty Incredible if you ask me!k Rachel is also a pretty well-known actress on shows such as Mad Men and Fresh Off the Boat. She has found another vision and way to empower other women through her Rodan+Fields business.

We are now in the Top 4 premium Skincare brands in the country and quickly growing and delivering to surpass the others to #1. Forbes has mentioned us again as well this year.

Product Spotlight: ACUTE CARE

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New For Our MEN!! Beyond The Shave

Men age better than us women. It's true! A man's skin, being tougher and thicker than a woman's won't show the visible signs of aging as quickly. Couple that with the often daily routine of shaving, and you have a built in exfoliation system which helps to rid the skin of the upper most dead skin cell layer, thus keeping men enviably youthful.

However, men have their own set of troubles when it comes to skin. They have larger pores and thicker facial hair. This combination can lead to acne, redness, irritation and ingrown hairs. Little known fact, but guys are more susceptible to sun damage and melanoma. And because we are ALL aging, even men need an active moisturizer.

To the rescue is BEYOND THE SHAVE. Three easy steps that won't throw a monkey wrench in a guy's simple bathroom routine. 1) The Unblemish Sulfur Wash can be used as an amazing shaving cream that will hold up in the shower while the 2% sulfur softens beard hair while simultaneously helping to unclog pores and kill bacteria. 2) Soothe Sensitive Treatment will provide post-shave relief and calm any redness and irritation and reduce the chance of ingrown hairs and 3) Redefine Triple Defense Treatment provides excellent anti-aging moisture with an SPF30.

It's now available for Preferred Customers and Consultants Only! So whether you yourself are a guy or you have a guy in your life, place this in your cart for your next order. As a BONUS, BEOYND THE SHAVE comes with a pair of ACUTE CARE Patches!!