Multiplying and Dividing Decimals

Life Skills!

Hey! You look like you need to multiply and divide some decimals. Multiplying and dividing decimals is a Good mental challenge, and it's common knowledge that challenging your mind supports a longer life. You can use this skill in the real world in many ways!

Here's how!

1. Calculate normally and forget the decimal.

2. For division, move the decimal to the left, once for every digit on the right side of the decimal.

3. For multiplication do the same thing, only moving the decimal to the right to make it bigger instead of smaller.

I have mentioned that dividing and multiplying decimals can be used in the real world. Here are some examples.

1. Gas prices

2. Restaurants

3. Online shopping (squee!)

Dividing Decimals can also be useful.

  1. Splitting profits
  2. Time
  3. Scientific Research