moon of Uranus

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What is Miranda

Miranda is a innermost moon, a innermost moon is where it is located the furthest from its planet. Miranda is the moon of Uranus a planet far away from Earth
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There was this man that is a scientist named Gerard P. Kuiper and he discovered Miranda. When Gerard found Miranda he was only 33 years old and the date was February 16, 1948. Gerard named Miranda of Uranus after a character in a play from Shakespeare
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Characteristics of Miranda

Miranda is a really dark and icy moon. Miranda is 470 kilometers (290 miles) but Miranda is the smallest moon on Uranus. Miranda is slightly denser than water that means if Miranda ever hits water it would sink. But She is the strangest moon on the planet Uranus probably because all of the cliffs that is on the moon. Miranda's ground or surface is similar to patchwork so its like a different pattern all over, the surface also looks like it is smashed into fragments, the moon also have jumbled terrains.
Photos from the surface of Uranus moon, Miranda , Voyager Mission 1986


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