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This Week in Band at PMMS (Jan 4-8, 2016)

Happy New Year!

Hope everyone had a relaxing and enjoyable break. 2016 has some exciting things in store for PMMS Bands!

New Information

Horn Tryouts For 6th Graders This Week!!

We are at the stage when we introduce the Horn (French Horn) to our 6th grade bands. We are looking for around 8-10 students to make the switch to Horn.

Here is the process:

1) Interested students fill out this interest form by this Thursday, Jan. 7 We encourage parents/guardians to do this with your child as your electronic signature is required at the end.

2) This week during 6th grade band Mr. Gleason will have interested students try playing the Horn under guided instruction.

3) On Friday, Mrs. Haraldson and Mr. Gleason will look at the completed interest forms, notes from the tryouts and contact ALL of the interested families with the results.

4) Selected students will begin learning the Horn full time starting Monday, Jan. 11.

Upcoming 7th Band Assignments

7th Grade Band Members have two assignments due by Friday, January 15:

1) Intonation Worksheet - students will work with a friend and tuner to discover what notes are in and out of tune on their instrument (and how to fix them!) The worksheet will be handed out in Band tomorrow.

2) Solo Introductions - this assignment was given on Google Classroom. Students need to follow the directions given and create a spoken introduction for their solo.

Step-up Instrument Opportunity

Are you still renting an instrument? Do you own an older instrument or "beginner" model? At some point your child's progress can be hindered by the instrument they are playing. "Stepping-up" to an intermediate or advanced model can make a huge difference in your child's sound and overall progress.

Ward Brodt is offering a great program to make these "step-up" instruments more affordable for our students. Rob Smith (our Ward Brodt Rep) will be at PMMS on the night of our 7th Grade Solo Night (Jan 19) to meet with families interested in this program. Read the letter at the link below for more information!

This Week In Lessons

Regular full week of lessons this week. We will be working on your child's solo in preparation for the upcoming Solo Nights (6th grade Jan. 14, 7th grade Jan. 19) Find your child's lesson time here:

Are You Practicing? Parent Band (Feb 23 @ PMMS)

Parent Band performance will be at the Early Spring Band Concert on February 23. Parent Band Rehearsal is Monday, Feb 15 (7-7:30 pm) Email Mrs. Haraldson if you would like to be a member of this award winning ensemble! (

Recent Information

EPOCH Sound Pep Band Night Coming Soon! (Feb 5 @ SPHS)

Still Time To Sign Up!!! EPOCH Sound Pep Band Night is Friday, February 5th. All 6th and 7th graders encouraged to participate. Information can be found here: Sign-up List (and who has paid) can be found here: Deadline is Tuesday, January 19.

7th Grade Solo Night (Jan 19 @ PMMS)

7th Graders choosing to perform their solo at the 7th Grade Solo Night at PMMS on Tue, Jan. 19 can now find their performance time on our website or at this link: This is a required performance for students not participating in the WSMA Festival. Students should arrive 10-15 minutes before their performance time and can leave immediately after.

6th Grade Solo Night (Jan 14 @ PMMS)

All 6th Graders are required to perform their solo at the 6th Grade Solo Night at PMMS on Thursday, Jan. 14. Performance times have been updated reflecting requests for different times, etc. Times can be found on the website and at this link: If you need to change your time, please contact Sharon Haraldson (

The Week Ahead

Monday, Jan 4 (Day 2)

6th Horn Tryouts During Band

Tuesday, Jan 5 (Day 1)

7th Grade Jazz Ensemble 7 AM

6th Horn Tryouts During Band

No BLA Drum Lessons until Feb. 23

6th Grade Jazz 3-4 PM

Wednesday, Jan 6 (Day 2)

7th Grade Jazz Ensemble 7 AM

6th Horn Tryouts During Band

Thursday, Jan 7 (Day 1)

7th Grade Jazz Saxophone Sectional 7 AM

6th Horn Tryouts During Band

BLA Lessons 3-5 PM

7th Jazz Combo 3-3:45 PM

Friday, Jan 8 (Day 2)

Friday Morning Ensembles 7 AM

6th Horn Selections Announced

Upcoming Events

Thursday, Jan. 14 - 6th Solo Night 5-7:15 PM (PMMS)

Tuesday, Jan 19 - 7th Solo Night 4-6 PM (PMMS)

Friday, Feb 5 - EPOCH Sound Pep Band Night 3-8 PM (HS)

Saturday, Feb 13 - WSMA Solo/Ensemble Festival 8 AM-4 PM (PVMS)

Monday, Feb 15 - Parent Band Rehearsal 7-7:30 PM (PMMS)

Tuesday, Feb 23 - Early Spring Band Concert 6:30 PM (6th) 7:30 PM (7th) (PMMS)

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