Baby sitter for Hire!

By Kasey Sutton

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Babysitter For Hire!

Hello i'm Kasey Sutton! I am 13 years old, and I can babysit your children for 8 dollars per hour, per kid, (as long as they're potty trained) I can help with:

  1. Babysitting children that are ages 3-8
  2. Being moms helper

I have no experience but I will get better the longer i babysit your children. I am available 6 days a week, 10 A.M- whenever you get home, as long as it is before 11 A.M. I am fun, can cook -Simple meals-, kids can worm right up to me, and i'm kind of like a kid myself. I am also willing to babysit at your house or my house in anywhere from Matamoras, Milford, or Port Jervis. My number is 1-(570)-491-1625.