Farm to You

September 24, 2014


The Oklahoma Farm to You Nutrition Exhibit is designed to guide students in learning the skills and choices for a healthy lifestyle. The students will learn about the link between agriculture, nutrition, good hygiene practices, physical activity and health.

Frederick Elementary Gym-All Day

We will rotate Kindergarten through 5th grade students through the exhibits. Prather Brown students will go through the exhibit in the morning and will be transported by bus between campuses. Frederick Elementary students will tour the exhibit in the afternoon.

Looking for a few good...VOLUNTEERS!

Guaranteed to be a fun filled day!

If you have an hour, or a morning/afternoon, or even all day....

We would love to have you! Your part is easy! You will be given an easy to understand script to present and cover with small groups of students.

Please call me on my cell if you could volunteer for our Farm to You event. My cell is (580)305-2507.

Thank you, Julie Treadwell