RES Staff Update

October 9-13, 2017

Staff Dress for This Week

Monday-Professional Dress (Parent Conferences)

Tuesday-Team shirt with jeans

Wednesday-Boosterthon Shirt with jeans

Thursday-Robison Spirit Day (RES shirt or PTO spirit shirt)

Friday-Picture Day- You may wear jeans with a nice top

Parent Conferences

Just a reminder that pizza, salad and dessert will be served on Monday. You have already signed up for your time. Please come at the time you signed up for since the pizza order was based upon this. Lunch will be served in the cafeteria.

A few conference reminders:

  • Keep conferences to the allotted time so you do not cause another parent to wait. If more time is needed, kindly suggest another conference time or follow up phone call if needed.
  • Take time to let the parent share information about their child with you. This is such a great opportunity to learn from your students' experts--their parents.
  • If a parent inquires about testing of any sort, please let your AP or me know as soon as possible.

Rocket Register

Please be sure to make it a habit to read the entire Rocket Register each week. There are details about events, and if parents have questions, you will have some of those answers just by reading the information. It is updated one time a month, so there is quite a bit of information--but it is all important for you to know. Thank you!

Remember to also include the link in your weekly news blast. You may keep the same link each Friday until you receive the link for the next month. The RR is sent the first Friday of each month.


All staff finally received the 2017-2018 master calendar on Friday. Please refer to this update and the Rocket Register for any changes to the schedule. There are a few events (Rocket Fest and Bingo Night), as well as E-track dates, that are in the process of being scheduled. Thank you for your patience with getting all of the changes finalized to the calendar. The calendar is posted at the bottom of this page and will remain there each week.

Personal Leave Requests

Please be sure to complete a personal leave request (attached below) prior to taking personal leave. If you are wanting a particular sub, you are responsible for contacting the person and then indicating on the form that they have accepted the job. Sally will then be able to put that sub in for you. Please do not suggest someone for Sally to contact. This takes too much time for her to do this for each person. If you do not secure your own sub, Sally will put in your job and it will be open for anyone to pick up.


October 16: 3rd grade (all day)

October 17: 2nd grade (all day)

October 18: Kindergarten (Half in am; Half in pm)

October 26: 4th grade (all day)

October 30: 5th grade (all day)

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October Twitter Challenge

The week 1 challenge will conclude on Sunday! The week 2 challenge is below. Thank you to everyone that is taking the time to share great ideas!
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Upcoming PTO Events

Our Boosterthon Kick-off will be at 8:00 am on October 10 in the library. All staff will receive a t-shirt. Teachers will need to attend the meeting in order to learn more about the fun run theme and details of this year's run.

Pep rallies will take place in the cafeteria that same afternoon at the following times:

PK, K and 1st @ 2:15

2nd and 3rd @ 2:45

4th and 5th @ 3:15

The actual fun run times have been set for Thursday, October 19:

K &1st @ 9:00 am

2nd & 3rd @ 10:00 am

PPCD & PK (am) @ 11:00 am

PPCD & PK (pm) @ 1:30 pm

4th & 5th Color Run @ 2:30 pm

4th and 5th have a goal in order to have the color run. It is purposely scheduled for later in the day due to the messiness of the students after the run.

Sick Leave Bank

An email was forwarded to everyone about this. The deadline for enrolling is October 31.


The master calendar is attached below for your convenience.