Social-Emotional Development

From birth - 2 years old


-Temperament is the child's actions.

Areas are passivity, activity patterns, and irritability.

-Passivity is them responding to their surroundings.

-The child knowing who their talking to.

-Their aware of what people are doing. I

-rritability is when their frustrated or distressed.

-In this area their hard to comfort.

- Other children don't let change bother them.

-Activity patterns is when their usually quiet.

-They hardly move when sleep.

- For example an easy baby.


- emotional connection to people

-usually attach to caregivers, parents, or siblings

- learned to trust their caregivers

- may smile when they see familiar faces

-crying and clinging

- separation anxiety

-when you leave they cry for you

- if you drop them off at a daycare

- if parent goes to the store

- begins between 9-18 month

Changes over time

-from birth-3 months

- show their distress by crying

- show their happy by looking alert, smiling

-usually don't cry tears, just makes noise

- 3- 6 months

-starts to smile at other babies

-tears start to form

- has different cries

-6-12 months

-become active

-show anger when parent leaves

-this will continue to 14 -16 months

-12-24 months

-understand routines

- clings to parent that is about to leave


-aware of their abilities

-sitting up themselves

- frustrated with what they cant do