Cyber safety

Be a good digital citizen

Appropriate posting

When you are on any websites or social media sites make sure that any thing that you post is appropriate and not offensive in any way. Any thing offensive or inappropriate will stay on your record and can be searched up and looked at by any one, including future employers and may affect the likeliness of you getting a job.

Always ask

When you are using social media sites such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram ect.
Keep in mind that anything that you put up will stay there for the rest of your life. Even if you delete it, if someone wants to, they can get it back. So think hard wether you want everyone to be able to see what you are posting.

One of the best ways to avoid causing embarrassment or harm to your friends and family is to always ask permission before posting pictures of them in social networking sights. You never know who's looking and what they will do with the image.

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Every time you illegally down load or copy a film, game, or song the producers loose money. If you get a song from your friend, the money that you would have paid to bye the song on iTunes does not go the the artist. Artist need that money to produce more songs.

If you pirate you don't gain.