STEM Friday

J.W. Dobbs Elementary Stem Committee

STEM Schools

As we embark on this journey to STEM Certification we have to begin thinking about the way that we seamlessly embed STEM in our everyday instructional practices and experiences for the students here at J.W. Dobbs. The focus of this SMORE is to share how others are implementing STEM and how we can begin thinking about our school and student body moving into that direction to be successful.
Elementary Engineering: From Simple Machines to Life Skills

STEM Certification Rubric

All staff members are asked to sign up for a Rubric Criteria section. Teams will use rubric criteria 3 to assist them in developing a narrative on how this criteria section will look at Dobbs. Attached is the link to STEM Georgia where you can locate the to assist in developing your section criteria for Dobbs. Please compile your ideas on a word document and submit them to Mrs. Patton or Mrs. Pratt by March 31, 2015.

Georgia STEM DAY

Friday, May 6th, 9am

Atlanta, GA, United States

STEM Certified Schools in Georgia